Why I prefer "The Sentinel of Liberty" over "The Man of Steel"

Why I prefer "The Sentinel of Liberty" over "The Man of Steel"

This is an opinion article. If you disagree then comment in the comments section below but it must be in a respectful manner.

The title holds no secrets. I prefer the leader of The Avengers over the leader of the Justice League. This is pure opinion and is meant to be a friendly debate. Here are five reasons why I prefer Captain America over Superman.

5: More interesting villains

Red Skull, Baron Zemo, Madame Hydra, Crossbones, ect. That's just a small sample of examples of Captain America's rogues gallery. I will use Crossbones (my favorite) as an example. He's ruthless, he's brutal, and he's the anti Captain America. Sure, you can argue that the same can go for villains in Superman's rogues gallery like Lex Luthor, General Zod, ect. I'm not big on a realistic approach to superheroes but, outside of Batman. Captain America (& Iron Man) are the most realistic and for me, Captain America works.

4: The Winter Soldier

This story arc alone is simply amazing. It's exciting, dramatic but also heart wrenching. You feel really bad for Captain America once he gets to the point and just tells Bucky "Shoot me". This has to be one of, if not THE best Captain America story arc.

3: Nothing illogical

I've never found anything illogical about Captain America. For Superman, he always took off the glasses and then he was Superman. Really? He wears glasses and people are automatically fooled. That is wow. I've never liked that part of Superman. I don't mean the whole superpower thing. I just speak in general.

2: He needs one thing.

Every superhero has spirit. Most have superpowers and some have lots of gadgets. For Captain America, he only has one thing. His shield. Sure, he took the super solider serum and it's pretty much the perfect steroid. Some argue that without it, he would be nothing and that's true. But, he can fight hand to hand and outside of that, he needs only his shield. No superpowers or gadgets required.

1: He's not perfect

To me, Superman has always came off as "Perfect" but, that's not Captain America. Physically, yes he is perfect. But, he can make mistakes. Even though he is the ideal of what every person should aspire to be, he does wrong. If I remember correctly (I may not have it right so, I apologize ahead of time) Captain America was going to beat Iron Man to death during the climatic battle during Civil War. It's also one of the many reasons he is one of my favorite superheroes. It's cause he's not perfect despite being the ideal of what ever person should aspire to be.

Which do you prefer? Comment below and be respectful. If you feel like I have been bashing Superman, I apologize cause it was never my intention to do so.
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