You Know You're a CBM.Com user/fan When...

You Know You're a CBM.Com user/fan When...

You know you're a true fan of this awesome site, when any of these things below fit you, check it out after the jump to see if you're a real CBM.Com User. Enjoy!

Let's get right to it, you're either an user of the site or just a casual fan but you're reading this so get ready to see if if any of these are calling your name...Enjoy!


You know you're a true user & fan when...

-You knew DCGuy made this editorial just by looking at the teaser or headline

-When you get an Inbox from TheReddestHood/RedNTheHood to check out his latest article

-When you hear that someone dressed up as an Oscar stalked Leonardo Dicaprio and chased him screaming, "WHY WONT THEY LET US BE TOGETHER LEO" and you already assume it was MrBlackJack

-When you're dissapointed a DC or Marvel headline/teaser is not a flame war bait

-When you love the site because of the users & content

-When you get more excited for the Flame war in the comments than the article news it self

-When you know that this is the law CBM.Com > CBN.Com

-When you're scared/ashamed to be in the Public Square/Hall Of Shame

-When you go to the Hall of Shame to laugh at/mock other users

-When you're proud to be in the Hall of Shame

-When you're bored of crappy editorials that everyone does about MCU Phase 3 (which has been done to death)

-When you lose a debate but still keep coming back to the site because it's awesome

-When you spend more time watching the Gif's in the comments section than commenting on the news

-When you make a friend in the comment section by teaming up in an argument

-When you see a DC related Article and know DCGuy, Metropolisman & MantiniumMan will be there to defend it

-When you ignore trolls and just enjoy the content because you love CBM's in general

-When Black&Yellow Mentions/Compares something to the Steelers 

-When you think the Hall of Fame is a competition

-When you wish you were in the User Spotlight

-When you argue with the Editors/Power Users/Admins in the comment section

-When you post an article then someone posts it again and gets to main page and you don't

-When you wonder why non CB related movie news is reported but you know you can't say shit

-When you know What Bender's gonna say in an attempt to troll

-When you hear that someone was stalking Gal Gadot and you think it was MrBlackJack

-When you go to the Fan Fic and are dissapointed theres not a new Doopie Drawing

-When you argue about a rumor you know it's not true

-When you're bored you start searching for old ass articles just to pass time

-When you feel empty when theres no new news in a few hours

-When you know Klone does not like anything and if he does say he likes something you know he is lying

-When you see that  Pasto or Gusto gets a  new clone/fake account made

-When you go to the Fan Fic section and get mad theres no new Watchtower tales

-When you hate Goyer because of ____ Insert movie here/When you love Goyer because everyone hates him

-When you love Snyder/Weadon/Feige more than you should.

-When you know Ben Affleck is gonna be the best Batman/When you hate Ben Affleck because of 10 year ago movies

-When you're a DC fan but hate DCGuy or MantiniumMan

-When you enter an article 0.1 seconds after it was posted and Yoss & Ciph already commented twice.

-When you're one of the few users who use the chat

-When you now find out there was a chat on this site.

-When you're schocked that an Admin did not post a Flame war inducing headline

-When get so deep into an argument about a casting you look up age, filmography, Police record, Award wins/losses & old photos just to try and win.

-When you know AlexanderLykins will post the Dog Slapping the dude Gif in any article he comments on

-When you go to the Fan Fic and get sad theres no new Nova's Funhouse

-When you predict a movie slate from DC or Marvel 

-When you fan cast with your heart and not your brain

-When you know that Turk,TheRealRemyLebeau & SageMode will be front and center to defend Marvel

- When any of these apply to you.

-When you're gonna comment bellow on what DCGuy did not put and suggest more.

Well thank's for reading, hope you enjoyed and help me add more by commenting below! If I missed anyone please forgive me.

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