Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks THE LEGEND OF CONAN; Compares It To The Original Movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks THE LEGEND OF CONAN; Compares It To The Original Movie

Arnold "Conan The Barbarian" Schwarzenegger discusses his return to one of his most iconic characters in Universal's The Legend Of Conan, comparing it to the original installment and revealing that the studio wants to make "a bunch of Conan movies".

Speaking at a press conference for his new movie The Last Stand, Arnold Schwarzenegger discusses Universal's upcoming sequel The Legend Of Conan, in which the actor will reprise one of his most popular roles. The film will serve as a direct sequel to the 1982 Conan The Barbarian, ignoring the sequel Conan The Destroyer and the 2011 Conan remake. Schwarzenegger compares this new film to the original movie, and reveals how he came on board the project. He also says that, now that Universal has acquired the film rights, the studio plans to make a "bunch" of Conan movies, but make them high quality like the first film. To see what he has to say on the Twins sequel as well as possibly working with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, click the source link below.

"Let me just say that a lot of it has to do with timing. That's what show business and politics have in common. It's a lot of it is timing, and I think that I would've chosen to do Conan already if it would've been ready, but the Universal studio just bought the rights to Conan, they have an executive over there that happens to be a big believer in bringing back that character, and Universal was the first one to do the movie with Dino DeLaurentiis, and now they want to be back and do a bunch of Conan movies, but do it high-quality, not as a B-movie, to do it high-quality like the first one was John Milius directed and Dino DeLaurentiis produced and Universal has presented. So they want to go back to that. So that will be ready by sometime this year."

The Legend Of Conan is eying a 2014 release date. Fast Five screenwriter Chris Morgan is executive producing alongside Fredrick Malmberg, and may write the script if he turns in a draft for Fast And Furious 7.

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