First Official Conan The Barbarian Movie Poster!

First Official <i>Conan The Barbarian</i> Movie Poster!

Lionsgate has finally revealed the MOTION picture poster for the upcoming remake of Conan The Barbarian starring Jason Momoa!

From IGN
As you can tell, it's certainly a nod to the classic Conan imagery of the late artist Frank Frazetta. Indeed, the poster is an intentional effort at bringing Frazetta's vision of the character to life, just as the new film is a reincarnation and reinvention of the world's most famous barbarian for modern audiences:

Robert E. Howard's most famous creation gets resurrected in this Marcus Nispel-directed Nu Image/Millennium production, starring Stargate Atlantis' Jason Momoa as the cunning Cimmerian brute Conan. Mickey Rourke co-stars as the hero's father, with Avatar's Stephen Lang adopting the role of the villainous warlord Khalar Singh

Looks pretty good! Also, the movie now has an official website which you can visit here!

I really can't wait for a trailer!
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