Jon Bernthal As CONAN THE BARBARIAN? Frank Darabont Would Cast Him

Jon Bernthal As CONAN THE BARBARIAN? Frank Darabont Would Cast Him

Frank Darabont and Jon Bernthal have been working together a lot lately. Between The Walking Dead and L.A. Noir, they are inseparable. While chatting during a recent interview Darabont talked about how he would re-imagine the Conan franchise, and that he would cast Bernthal in the lead role.

The last attempt at a Conan movie failed miserably. It failed with both critics and at the box office, which lead actor Jason Momoa blamed on the script. Arnold Schwarzenegger has recently been confirmed to be returning to the role in Legend Of Conan. Frank Darabont was talking to io9 recently where he expressed interest in trying to rethink the character, only he wouldn't cast Arnie. "I talked to (Jon) Bernthal about that very thing just a couple of months ago. I would still do a Conan movie! It would be an incredibly smart one. Because he could play what we've missed in Conan today on the screen. He's got some wit and he's got some intelligence. He's a canny, wily, brutal guy. Bernthal could play that, he really could," he said. Darabont and Bernthal have quite a history together. It was Darabont who cast him as Shane in The Walking Dead, as well as offered him a role in his new TNT series L.A. Noir.

So just what exactly does he mean by a "smart" Conan movie? Darabont went on to explained that, "You go back to Robert E. Howard, there's a lot of heart there and a lot of mysticism and a lot of questing and yearning in that character. He also said that what Dark Horse did with their series of comics would be the smartest way to bring a movie to life.

While this probably wont happen with Schwarzenegger wanting another crack at the role, the prospect of Darabont doing a Conan film is sure to intrigue some. Sound off in the comments section below if you would like to see Darabont take a shot at a Conan movie with Bernthal as the lead. For the latest on Conan The Barbarian, make sure to check back here at CBM.

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