Noahthegrand’s DC Vertigo Universe: Hellblazer pitch

Noahthegrand’s DC Vertigo Universe: Hellblazer pitch

Constantine, a British exorcist, and renowned trickster, learns he is both damned to hell and stricken with terminal lung cancer, and decides to use his skills to play a dangerous game.

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My DC cinematic universe I’ve created on this site is pretty big. But one subject that we’ve as of now, barely touched on, is the supernatural aspects of the DCCU. Sure, we’ve seen a bit in Wonder Woman with the gods, some elements of lovecraftian horror with Nekron in Green Lantern, but the most genuine magic we’ve seen has been with Enchantress in Suicide Squad. This changes here with




This is going to be in my hypothetical series of films, under a different banner than the rest of the movies. It's in the same universe, but made under a different banner. Instead of DC Cinematic Universe, it's in the DC Vertigo Universe. DCVU. I see it as the Netflix shows to my marvel. It’s where I put the darker, r-rated stuff. However, even though it’s darker, I will retain the quality many of you like about my work: how character driven it is. So, here it is….


My previous article: SWAMP-THING, was the start of my DCVU and featured Constantine as a supporting character, a mysterious stranger looking for the vampires that were the main villains of that film. This is the link to that:

We will show his story with the second film in the DCVU:






John Constantine, a British exorcist, demonologist, and renowned trickster, learns he is both damned to hell and stricken with terminal lung cancer, and decides to use his skills to play a dangerous game, manipulating the supernatural forces of heaven and hell in a last ditch attempt to cure his lung cancer and save his soul, at least temporarily.




John Constantine/ Dan Stevens


A selfish magician who learned magic not to help others but for personal glory. He's sarcastic, charming, manipulative, and charismatic. He is also an awful person. A terrible human being actually. He has a few redeeming qualities every once in a while, and you do pity him. He knows which actions of his cause his life to fall apart, but he can’t do anything to change. Also, I should mention while he’s good with magic, he can’t win an actual fist fight to save his life.


The First of the Fallen/ Peter Dinklage


A lord of hell, the devil, a demon with a very high view of himself, and a very low view of others. He, along with two other demons, were each put in charge of portions of hell when the true devil abandoned it. He dresses like a Victorian gentleman.


The Second of the Fallen/ ?


The massive and imposing brother of the First of The Fallen.


The Third of The Fallen/ Clancy Brown


The creepy brother of the First of The Fallen. It’s voice is snakelike.


Chas Chandler/ ?


The closest thing Constantine has to a real friend. He's taken a lot of abuse from John over the years, but has stuck with him nevertheless, for reasons that are not at all times clear, even to him.


Ellie/ Deborah Ann Woll


Ellie is a succubus. She’s also friends with Constantine. She prefers earth to hell, because almost everyone, demons included, prefers earth to hell. She’s just one of the few who can actually admit it. She retains a few demonic qualities but has tried to behave like a caring human being. She’s John’s informant.


Gabriel/ Mads Mikkelsen


An angel that Constantine considers to be a Snob. More here for set up for the sequel than actually very significant. He will have a big role going on from this though. I also have this idea where all angels are played by the same actor, so this great actor can continue to appear in these movies even after I’m done with this characters arc.


I previously released my Swamp-Thing pitch, a film set directly before this one.


My Swamp-Thing films have been basically Gothic horror/ Superhero movie mashups. The film Hellblazer will not be that. Hellblazer is a very different genre. I see it as less horror, and more supernatural thriller. An important part of a horror movie is a lack of understanding or necessary skill to defeat the foe on the part of the protagonist. Constantine however, understands the world, and he knows how all this works. However, he's still locked in a tense conflict with several factions. So, more of a thriller.


I will be primarily using the comic Hellblazer as my inspiration. Hellblazer basically started the Vertigo line of comics, and is really good. I wasn’t sure I knew enough of the character to do a good job writing this, so I actually binge read a lot of it to try and make this authentic. Now, the story.


We’ll begin this venture into a new corner of the DCCU on a dark and stormy night in an old mansion. Inside, a casket. Inside that, a little boy. A group of mobsters drag a man in through the door. The man’s face is covered with a bag, but he wears soaking wet clothes: a pair of black slacks, a white dress shirt, a black tie, and an old light brown trench coat that’s seen better days. The man is unmasked, revealing a scruffy blonde man with a black eye, a bandage on his forehead and a cut on his nose. The leader of this group questions his captive, and if he’s really John “Constanteen”. John gets out a pack of cigarettes corrects him as he gets one out for himself and lights it: “That’s John Constantine. T-I-N-E…. rhymes with fine.”


The leader of this group introduces himself as Harry Cooper. He’s brought John here to help him. His son…. is sick. John looks at the casket.


“He’s dead.”


Harry is angered by this, and tells John Constantine he’s sick, and that he’s going to fix him. John looks at him and tells him he doesn’t know what he’s heard, but he’s an exorcist, he can’t raise the dead. John soon realizes though if he doesn’t do something, they’re going to kill him, and tells Cooper; He’ll fix his son, but this isn’t a charity. He wants money, and the room cleared. Cooper agrees, and once John is alone, he summons a demon, telling it that he’ll be back for him, then transfers it into the corpse. The mob boss Cooper reunited with his son. “Papa… I was so cold.” “It’s alright boy, you’re safe now.” John takes his money and leaves, watching as the demon inhabiting the corpse of that boy smiles at him. He shouldn’t have done this, but it’s allowed him to live another day.


John is dumped on the side of the road outside London and calls Chas Chandler to pick him up.


We cut to Chas Chandler’s kitchen, where he’s playing Poker with several friends. One of the friends is currently explaining to a laughing audience about how a wealthy White Nationalist both him and Chas used to know named Charlie Patterson recently relieved himself on a train track, hitting the third rail… they stop talking as Chas’s daughter enters the kitchen. Chas brings her back up to bed and wishes her a goodnight.  He returns. The storyteller continues and we learn about something on Patterson’s body exploding.( I didn’t make this up. I’m not that weird! This comes from a storyline in the comics and is relevant to the story!It’s one of the Garth Ennis stories)


Chas gets the call. He says he’s busy, John says he’s in the middle of bloody nowhere. He manages to convince Chas.  A little while later a taxi arrives where John is.


Once inside he gets out a cigarette, Chas tells him angrily he can’t smoke in here. This is a new car! John puts it out, telling Chas he’s only doing this because they’re mates.


Chas takes a look at John’s cut up face and questions what happened. John tells him that he got into a car wreck on his trip to the states. Chas laughs. “You... were driving?” John tells Chas he knows how to drive. Chas tells him if that were true, his face wouldn’t be cut up… and he wouldn’t have to drive him too and from everywhere.  John tells Chas to sod off.


John is dropped off outside his apartment complex. John ascends the stairs, and heads down the hallway towards his room, passing an open doorway where a stout egg shaped man in nothing but his underwear, hands on his hips, stands smiling and tells John there was quite a commotion here earlier. John apologizes and begins to try and explain his kidnapping when the man continues. “Not as big a commotion as the one in me pants though!” John quickly heads past the man to get to his own apartment. (Garth Ennis)


Once inside his home, which John begins to stagger a bit. He feels sick. His cigarette falls to the floor and hits the ground in slow motion. John races to the bathroom, about 20 minutes later, he’s laying on the ground, blood coming from his mouth. He spits it out and holds his stomach.


We cut to the next day at a doctors office. The doctor, trying to make some casual conversation, asks John, so, Mr. Constantine, what does he do for a living? John responds “Exorcist.” The Doctor looks at him. You do anything else before that? John comments he was in a band. The doctor cuts to the chase, asking that John sit down, and John learns, much to his shock, that he has terminal lung cancer. The doctor continues, trying to explain the science, how long he has, what he can do, but John doesn’t here any of it. He drowns it all out. He’s dying. The doctor asks him, how many cigarettes does he usually have a day? John thinks before answering. “Twenty or thirty, since I was 13.” The doctor responds. “Ah… Well there you are.” The doctor seems to be trying, but he doesn’t have the best bedside manner.


John leaves, immediately getting out a cigarette, and returns to the back of Chas Chandler’s car. Chas asks John if he’s okay. John tells him it’s fine, mentioning he has a bug and he needs to sleep though. Chas tells him he’ll get him home, and asks John if he heard about Charlie Patterson? This line of conversation is ended when John turns to the left and tells an unseen figure to go away. Chas tells him if he wants to drive, be his guest. John tells Chas he wasn’t talking to him.


John goes to sleep that night, and we see in a birds eye shot ghostly figures surrounding his bed, looking down on him. They look normal, except black and white. One nun, another woman in her late 20’s with rainbow dyed hair(rest of her is black and white, that remained colorful), a skinny man with long hair and a beard, an overweight teen boy with glasses and curly hair, his glasses gold. The reason they look this way is because in my idea, they’re like memories of who they were. You lose some details of who they were when they were alive, but the memorable stuff pops out.


The next day, John has arranged with a friend, a doctor named Mark, to visit a terminal cancer ward, claiming his nonexistent Aunt Dolly has lung cancer. John looks around at the dozens of beds filled with skinny, sick and bald people, begins to get out a cigarette, before a nurse tells him he can’t do that here. He puts it away, goes looking around some more, until an old man, most of his hair missing and his skin pulled against his bones, whispers to him, asking for a cigarette. John gives him one as the guy comments the nurse won’t let him have any. John will have a chat with the man, who introduces himself as Matt, and reveals the truth to him about him having lung cancer.


Matt asks John if he’s thinking of checking in. John tells him no, he’s just going live his life until it’s over. Matt grins and tells John that was his plan. Didn’t work out. Matt laughs at his own joke. As time goes on, they talk more and more, until visiting hours are over and John has to leave. Matt grabs John’s jacket. He has one more thing to tell him. Looking back now, if he had a second chance, he’s do everything differently. He’d be a better man. John comments that’s what everyone says when there’s no possibility of that happening. Matt tells John he’s serious. He’d do things better. You need to be be better, don’t be like me. John tells Matt he will, wishing he could do that, but in his mind he knows he can’t and won’t. He tells Matt he’ll come back some time, he’ll see him again. This part he means. Matt tells John he’s looking forward to it. John exits the hospital as Matt yells “Bring a flask!” and gets out his pack of cigarettes.


John sits smoking on a park bench. He looks down at some passing ducks in the nearby pond. A woman sits down next to him. This is Ellie. John asks how things are in hell, Ellie tells him that every demon he’s ever sent back there is competing to see who gets to torture him for eternity. They have a lottery set up. She looks at John, and tells him, as a friend, that she can’t see a way out of this one. His best bet is to try and repent. John brushes that off and tells her that he knows a mage in Ireland. An old friend. He called me, asking me to come up there yesterday. It’s a long shot but he might be able to help me. John gets up. Ellie looks down at at the passing ducks.


An old windmill stands on a hilltop over the moors. John Constantine, now wearing a sweater under his iconic coat because he has cancer and is really cold, makes his way towards it, eventually arriving. He uses the brass knocker on the foreboding and ancient door. He is greeted inside by a man revealed to be an old friend, Brendan Finn. Brendan, who appears to have an extensive collection of alcoholic beverages from around the world within his windmill, sits Constantine down, and they drink as they talk about old times. One thing we notice is that Brendan is really braggy about his collection. He asks John how that girl he was with is, Emma? Are they still together? John tells Brendan, no, she died. Brendan tells John he’s sorry. Brendan asks how Gary is. John responds: “Dead”.


Brendan and John sit in silence for a while. Brendan asks “Richie?”




Brendan tells John he’s sorry and raises his glass to Emma, Gary, and Richie. He then quickly gets up and tells John he has something to show him in the basement. John follows Brendan down, commenting how cold it is. Brendan snaps his fingers and candles begin to catch fire. Downstairs, Brendan reveals a homemade distillery that almost looks religious, and explaining that this land was blessed by Saint Patrick, that he’s been able to create Holy Ale. Brendan offers John some, and John decides to tell Brendan he’s dying, lung cancer, and wants to know if Brendan knows anything at all, a spell, a potion, any way to cure him. Brendan stares at John dumbfounded, then begins to laugh. John is furious at Brendan’s attitude to his dying, until Brendan reveals he has liver cancer! He was going to ask John the same thing! Two doomed men laugh, because there’s nothing else they can do, sit down on the floor of the underground chamber, and drink. Constantine becomes silent, more focused. This didn’t work, he’s trying to think of another way out. Brendan comments it’s worse for him though. He didn’t get all this for free. He sold his soul. He’s going to die tonight, and then HE’S coming to claim what’s his. The devil’s coming tonight. The oil lamps lighting the area are blown out by an unseen wind. Brendan comments he thought he would last longer. The deal was if he didn’t claim his soul by midnight, he’d let him off. John checks his watch. Five minutes. He turns to Brendan.


Brendan is dead.


John, both drunk and sick, struggles to get up. There is a knock on the ancient windmill door. John makes his way out of the cellar, and looks to the front door. It seems darker, forbidding. The world is quiet. You can’t even hear waves crashing at the beach down below. You can’t even hear the wind. It’s just silent. Fear floods John. He opens the door. Outside, is The First of The Fallen, played by Peter Dinklage. He tells John to be polite, invite him in. John does so. The devil tells John it’s… interesting to finally meet him face to face. He has inconvenienced him many times. Still though, he has only inconvenienced him. John begins to get his bearings, puts that face he always wears back on, the disguise of a cool and collected mystery man who doesn’t care about anything or anyone. “The old bastard’s downstairs in the cellar. I’ll lead you in.” Satan thanks John, stopping to look at the array of fine wines. “How human.”


John slowly leads the First of The Fallen down the stairs. “How human to believe he could outsmart me. To believe that his midnight clause would do anything. That’s your kind’s problem Constantine: arrogance.” John tells The Fallen not to worry about him, he’s seen enough to know his place in the universe. John tries to grab some cigarettes from his jacket pocket, but is too panicked to do so. The devil looks over Brendan’s body. John mentions he always hated Brendan, then grabs a bottle from a shelf, offering a glass to the fallen, commenting it’s so they can drink over Brendan’s body and prove they won once and for all. The First of The Fallen accepts, telling John he can see a future for him as a very powerful demon someday. John then, finishing his drink, watches the Fallen begin to gag and stagger back. John tells him about the holy water, then is telepathically knocked into a wall of barrels by the First. John gets up as the Devil staggers around with his hands(now clawed, they weren’t before) on his own neck, steam coming from his melting chest, and John smashes a bottle of wine over his head! John comments “Good year” before stabbing the Fallen in the stomach. The First of the Fallen watched as parts of his body explode into a steaming pile of goo, cursing John the entire time until he can’t anymore because he has no jaw. John’s response….


He flips him the bird and tells him “Up Yours”


With it all over, things are once again silent, but the wind and crashing waves can be heard. John sits down, pulls out a cigarette, lights it, and we linger on him sitting beside the dead Brendan Finn.


Back in London, John wakes up, the sheets of his bed kicked off. He’s just wearing boxers so we can see that he appears skinny and a little sick looking. John gets up and clutches his head, before jumping up and racing to a nearby bathroom.


John is in Chas’s car, explaining that actually, the true Lucifer left years ago. Hell’s ruled by three demons, who each play the role of Satan, but none of them are the real deal. Chas, nervously asks where the real devil went. John asks Chas how he’s supposed to know? This is a small bit of world building that also serves to make people wonder: where is Lucifer? He points towards the window. “Pull in there” John tells Chas to stay in the car. This place might be a bit much for him.


John Constantine, now once again looking like a mysterious badass, walks through a club. Music is blaring, it’s a bit too loud for John, and neon lights flash and fly through the air. John is smoking, we notice multiple very obvious demons on the dance floor, along with a group of vampires in the lounge. Upstairs, an immortal Jamaican man: Papa Midnite, the owner of this establishment, stares down. He’s wearing a top hat, pants, a purple and gold dress shirt, a long black coat, and has a cane. This is just a cameo. In a pit in the center of the dance floor two men battle each other with baseball bats. In a mural above, the image of three demons, brothers, each sitting on their own hellish throne. In the center of them, a Dante style depiction of hell. One of the brothers is in a white hooded robe, one of them a classic red fiery demon, one of them is Peter Dinklage in a ragged cape and loincloth, with a snake skeleton wrapped around him.


John finds Ellie in the club doing her succubus thing in a back room. When she sees him though, she immediately gets up to greet him and call him an idiot for his horrible choices. MShe explains to John that her boss is going nuts because of what he did. He hasn’t been treated like that by anyone in millennia. And even then, he’s never been able to claim the soul afterwards! Every single grudge he has, against every martyr and every holy man, he’s going to be taking it all out on him when he dies! Ellie wonders what she’s doing. She can’t be talking to him. If the First finds out about this… she stops. “John, you only have one option: The Snob.”


John, after some discussion because he really doesn’t want to talk to the snob, decides she’s right. Before leaving, Ellie stops John to tell him something: “Most demons actually prefer Earth to Hell. I’m just one of the few who can admit that. The First of The Fallen though, he loves it there. Be careful.” John walks away, grabs Chas after noticing him inside being hypnotized by vampires, exits the club, and they both get into Chas’s cab.


As they drive, Chas tells John he’s taking Renee and Gera to the lake tomorrow, so he won’t be able to drive him. John tells him don’t go, there’s fish-people. Chas says that he’ll go to the other lake then. John tells Chas, he needs him. He needs his help, and he’ll make it up to him. John offers to give Chas the names of every winning horse at the tracks today. Chas tells John to stop, you’re using me. You know Renee doesn’t like me going down there. John asks, does she like money? She’ll be too happy you won to care that you did it. Chas decides to agree to stay and drive John around tomorrow. During this scene, we should kinda see the friendship and affection, but also John manipulating people for his own ends. Maybe he wants to spend as much time with his best friend Chas as possible because he’s afraid he’s going to die, but what he’s doing is still wrong.


Later, it’s night, it’s  raining. Rain falls on a golden sign.


“The Cambridge Club”


John steps out of Chas’s car and walks up the steps, inside bright golden light. A man stands guard outside. John looks him in the eyes. “I’m wearing a tuxedo and a top hat and maybe a monocle”


“Come right in sir!”


John offers him a tip, an empty hand. The man grabs nothing and thanks John for his generosity.


John enters as various high society types state at him. Upstairs, Charlie Patterson, the man whose accident was mentioned earlier, discusses something with a man out of view. Sitting in an easy chair by the fire in a white tuxedo, one leg over the other, hand at his chin deep in thought…. MADS MIKKELSEN aka… The Snob.


Charlie thanks The Snob for his time, really kissing up to him, and leaves. He stops when he sees John and demands to know what he’s doing here. John asks if Charlie is still burning down churches, and says he’s just visited his old pal. Charlie tells John to stop bullshitting him and get out. Now. John tells him he will, after he talks to Gabriel. Charlie tells him he can’t do that. The angel is his, and his alone. All the good luck you get being near him, that’s his. So stay away. John comments the luck can’t be that good, looking downward. Charlie responds that’s what happens when you’re away from him too long. John tells him he’s going to go now. Charlie tells him no. John walking, says it’s a free country. Charlie’s response? “Not if I can help it.” He storms off.


John grabs a stool and pulls it up to sit across from “Gabriel” The Snob looks at John then tells him. “ I won’t help you.” John asks why not? The Snob tells him, he is unrepentant. John finds this funny. Gabriel continues: He confides in demons. John cuts in that some of them are very nice once you get to know them. Gabriel continues. You make a mockery of everything good with your words and actions. You lie constantly. You are are greedy, envious, wrathful, lustful, and petty. John cuts in still finding all this funny “I’m human.You act like you’re fit to judge us, you don’t even understand us.” Gabriel asks John how many of his friends he’s killed, and tells John his very presence makes him feel dirty. John begins to laugh loudly. He’s angry. “So someone like Charlie must make you feel like you’re dumpster diving right?” Gabriel asks John what he means. A man sent by Charlie Patterson comes up to Gabriel and tells him his guest is disturbing the others. Gabriel tells the man John is not his guest. The man tells John in that case, he will have to leave. John gets up and turns away. Gabriel is thinking, trying to figure out what John meant. As John walks away, Gabriel calls to him. John turns. Gabriel tells John, confess your sins, repent fully, and I will heal you. John looks at him, and tells him he won’t apologize for anything… hypocrite. John turns to leave as Gabriel, still sitting in his chair, tells John he’s dooming himself. John walks away. This was his last option, his last resort. John, sitting in the back of Chas’s cab looks out at the world in absolute shock and despair. He’s dying, and nothing he can do will change that. He looks on the verge of tears. Chas looks back and asks if he’s okay. John snaps out of it and returns to normal. He’s fine.  


We cut to a pub the next day. He’s been in there for hours, and by the end of it when he finally staggers out, he’s completely and utterly wasted. He begins to make his way home, bottle in his hand, when he notices at a table outside the pub, some teenagers laughing at him, pointing.


John runs at the kids, yelling at them. He grabs one and tosses him to the ground. Another tries to run away. John grabs him. “You think I’m pathetic? I know your life! I know what you’ve done! I’m magic! I can see it all!” He’s on top of the kid shaking him by his collar. The other kid pulls John off as he slashes at the air. A woman comes out with a plate of drinks and yells at John to stop as he pulls away from the kid. He slurs his words as he speaks, calling her an old hag. Chas, who’s car is passing by in traffic, heading here to pick up John(he’s got a gps on his phone leading him to the pub but is still struggling to find it until he spots John), runs out to save him, as the teenagers are getting the upper hand and have held him down to hit him.. We notice Chas is in a green car considerably smaller than his other one, and considerably older. Chas pulls John away, the bartender runs out, yelling at Chas to get his friend out of here! He just called my wife a hag! John yells back: “She is!”


The bartender swings at John and accidentally hits Chas in the face instead.  Chas tosses John in the back of his tiny car. John asks Chas, who has a black eye, why he’s driving in this piece of junk. Chas tells John, because the bookie thought he was cheating! He wouldn’t give me a dime and took my car! He calls John a idiot and tells him it’s like he’s determined to make everyone around hims life worse! John makes a halfhearted punch at Chas, who throws him out of his car and onto the sidewalk, calls him a bastard, then drives away.


Charlie Patterson sits in his office. He’s getting a phone call. He asks the man, “what do you mean he’s gone?” At the Cambridge Club, a member of the staff explains “he just got up and left.” Charlie tells him to check again, he hasn’t left since the club was founded! He listens to the man’s response, ends the call, and curses John Constantine. He then tells his henchman, Constantine is one of the gays isn’t he? Send the British boys to his house! The henchman corrects him “Actually, Sir, I think he’s bisexual.”

Charlie stares at him “So what? I should only have half of him killed? Just send them!”

“Yes sir! Just trying to be accurate sir!”

“Get out! Do it!”

(In the comics, the gang known as the British boys was eventually transformed into a four headed monster with way too many arms and legs. It tore itself apart after realizing it had tattoos of two rival football teams on its massive body.(rest of the world football, not American football) Hellblazer comics are fun like that)


Meanwhile, John lays in bed twitching and moaning. He begins to choke on something. He clutches his sides, attempts to flip himself over. John see’s a bright light, and a voice calls him. He stands on a white landscape. She is there: Astra. A little girl stares up at him. He asks her, how is this possible? She tells him: You’re dead John. She grabs his hand, and begins to pull him, he tries to break free but she can’t, she’s holding him too tightly and he can’t escape. Darkness. The ghosts surround him, except there’s a new addition: Brendan Finn( brown and gold instead of black and white). He yells at them “so this is it then? You’re gonna complain to me about how it wasn’t your time for all eternity? Screw you!”


The nun laughs. She tells John no, he’s one of them now. Now they can hurt him. The ghosts all dogpile on John and he wakes up screaming as four thugs knock his front door down. John gets up and punches one up the jaw. The others grab John and throw him to the ground then begin kicking him. When they’re done, they begin pouring gasoline all over his apartment. John lays on the floor in a fetal position chanting. One of Patterson’s men asks another what Constantine’s doing. The guy turns and yells at John to shut up, then promptly grabs his ally and pulls him out the window, along with himself. The two remaining begin beating each other up.


John gets his clothes on as the two fight each other on his floor, grabs a duffel bag in the closet, and runs down the set of stairs to the street, where the two henchmen have landed from John’s window to the top of a car parked out front. One of them struggles to get up and runs at John, only to run past him and into a brick wall across the street.


John limps away. At a payphone, he calls Chas.  It goes to voicemail. John tells Chas. Something bad is happening. Get out of London. Take your family on that trip. Just leave, and don’t look back. I’ve been a wanker, and a bad friend. I’m sorry. It doesn’t change what I did, but I’m dying…. and…. and fine, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.


We move to a beautiful meadow filled with flowers and bunny rabbits.The caption tells us:




….A very specific hell, for someone with very specific fears.


Ellie, in a flowing dress, picks flowers as in the background, a man chained to a tree screams in terror. Ellie looks up and discovers the First of the Fallen has arrived. He looks angry. And alongside him, a skeleton python with the head of an attractive older woman(queen of the succubus, First of the Fallen’s wife)


Ellie greets them. “My King, my Queen… What are you doing here?”


The Queen speaks “We are here because you are in bed with the enemy, and not in the way I trained you!” The First of The Fallen examines the man tied to the tree screaming, “Quiet” he says, then rips off his head. He grunts.


Ellie watches silently, then as the First turns to her, murder in his eyes, asking “Who have you told of what Constantine did to me? The second? The Third?” sprints away and into a portal. She arrives several miles above London falling quickly towards the earth below.


We cut to the suburbs, the next day, Liverpool. A woman sits on a couch, reading a novel. The doorbell rings. She gets up to answer it, and looks in shock “John!” John hugs her and greets “Cheryl”. Inside, she makes him a cup of tea as she tells him how much Gemma has grown and how she’ll call her down right now to see her uncle. John tells her no. Wait. He gets into the reason he’s here. He’s dying, and there’s no way out of it. She asks him. It’s that thing he does isn’t it? That’s why he’s dying? He tells her no, cancer actually. They sit in silence for a moment. He comments to her she should give it a name. She asks him what he means. He tells her, call it magic, or witchcraft or something. It relies of fear. You can’t be afraid of it. Call it names, give it the finger or something. She tells him she can’t do this. “Gemma! Uncle John is here!” A preteen girl runs down the stairs. “Where is he?” Cheryl turns around. John is gone.


We cut to John on a train heading back from Liverpool. It’s night, he’s falling asleep in his chair, using his removed coat as a makeshift pillow. We move out the window and see the train in wide shot as it makes its way through dark farmland, before moving back to above John’s car, then down towards the back of the train like a wild animal running along the roof. In a car near the back… an old man reading a newspaper. A 20 something year old and his girlfriend, a businessman doing a crossword, a muscular man trying too hard to look cool playing his music loudly, much to the distaste of the other passengers. Then, the lights flicker out, the music stops, some cries, lights come on. Everyone stares at what is now in the center of the train car:


A massive, slime covered grey wolf covered in scars. It’s eyes are bright yellow. Ooze drips from its mouth of jagged teeth that are definitely not wolf teeth. They’re like tigers, sharks, t-Rex teeth and more. It’s 8 feet in length but actually changes size depending on the size of its surroundings, so it can morph larger or smaller. Done with practical effects, animatronics,  and puppetry. I say we get for it five different animatronics for each size of it. This is a hellhound. This is Norfulthing. The beast leaps at the old man and decapitates him with his paw! The muscular man races for an exit but is grabbed with two massive clawed hands and pulled back! The monster shoved his entire upper body into its mouth! It stomps on the businessman, and as the young boyfriend and girlfriend try to escape to the next car, it grabs the girl in its jaws. The boy makes it into the next car, covered in blood and screaming! He falls to the floor and the passengers of this car surround him. Someone calls for a doctor. Then, the Norfulthing leaps through the door! Outside the car in the night, we see blood splatter over the windows.


In John’s train car, as he begins to fall asleep, he wakes up to find Ellie in front of him. Ellie explains what happened and how it’s all John’s fault for getting involved with the First of The Fallen. She explains that he’s sent a hellhound after her. John questions which Hellhound. She tells him: the most powerful of the hellhounds: Norfulthing. John seems scared. Ellie asks what it is. It’s strong, but it’s still just a hellhound. He can save her right? John comments that the First did this on purpose, he’s trying to taunt him. At this point, the doors burst open, and Charlie Patterson and several armed men enter. Charlie has his men grab Ellie and John(his coat is off, it’s on the seat). Charlie has John gagged so he can’t use magic, and tells John, he doesn’t know what he did to get rid of the angel, but he’s going to bring him back or else the girl dies. Ellie asks what the hurry is, his luck running out? Ellie begins to laugh demonically, Charlie turns towards her to find the guy holding her now has his gun pointed directly at him. His other men turn towards that guy and we have a Mexican standoff. Charlie asks the traitor why? Ellie explains for him: everything John learned about persuasion, he learned from her. Everyone stands in silence guns pointed, then…. the door explodes and the Norfulthing bursts in! Everyone opens fire on it! The monster from hell is immune to bullets though, and grabs Charlie by the legs with his spiky tongue, pulling him into his mouth screaming! Ellie and John(first grabbing his coat) race out of the train car as the monster massacres Charlie’s gang!


A blood covered John and Ellie yell at everyone in the next car to get to the front of the train! There’s terrorists in the other car! Everyone runs away, John and Ellie move through the cars leading the crowd as we watch from behind on a moving camera. Eventually they stay behind in one of the empty cars a few away from the front ones, where everyone else is. John prepares some chalk spells on the floor. Ellie helps out, asking John what he meant by the First taunting him. John tells her. Norfulthing was there during his greatest mistake. We cut to the punk rock band Mucous Membrane, the band that Chas Chandler drove from gig to gig. The band John was lead singer in, performing their one and only single, “Venus of The Hardsell” (this song was invented by the writers of the comic, but was eventually performed by a band that was a fan of Hellblazer comics. It’s on YouTube)


John explains how at a gig, he and Chas discovered the owner of the club had been, along with the satanic cult he was part of, abusing his daughter... and using her in rituals. Her name was Astra. They had planned to sacrifice her to a demon: Norfulthing. He stepped in to save her but he wasn’t strong enough, so he called another demon for help: Nergal. He thought he could control it, use it for his own benefit, but he couldn’t. It sent Norfulthing back to hell… along with Astra as payment. He damned an innocent girl to hell. John looks sad, suddenly snaps out of it, and begins behaving once again like a mysterious badass preparing a magical trap. She asks what a certain symbol she doesn’t recognize does, he tells her “Makes it painful for the demon”


Then they hear the howling. Norfulthing is coming. John looks down, making sure everything is ready, Ellie asks if he’s sure he’s okay, and then, as the beast arrives, it finds itself trapped, unable to enter the car. But, then, it begins to push through the barriers. It’s too strong. Ellie tells John they have to run. He tells her no, he can do this. John then, begins chanting some magic words. The Norfulthing gets closer and closer. Ellie prepares to leave the car, then... Norfulthing catches fire and is flung out the car by an unseen force, whimpering as it goes.


John tells Ellie that he made it so it will appear the Norfulthing is still on Earth hunting her, so now she’s free. She can go do whatever she wants. She thanks him, but is still is looking at him with the  same facial expression from after his story. Ellie asks John once more if he’s sure he’s okay. He tells her he’s as fine as he always is. He looks down at the claw marks scratching down the train car towards the exit. Ellie tells John she’s been thinking. John might be able to beat the first. She can contact a vampire...Constantine cuts her off, telling her no. He can’t do that to himself. She asks him, what then? He’s just going to lay down and die? He tells her no, not that either. If he’s going to die, he’s going to die kicking and screaming into the First of The Fallens face. Ellie kisses John on the cheek, tells him goodbye, and leaves. The car door slams shut after she exits, and we see she’s disappeared.


The wind blows. Skies are cloudy. John walks through the streets of London, and he has a plan. He buys up supplies. Elsewhere, Chas returns home, hugs his wife and picks up his daughter, before she tells him he got a package. Chas walks towards it. He cuts it open, inside, John’s duffel bag, and inside that, all the money John got from the mobsters at the beginning of the movie.  It comes with a note. “Buy a new cab”


John prepares, creating complex arcane patterns across the concrete floor. Lighting candle. Time passes, spells are performed. Day becomes night, John is tired, but he has to continue. He washes away all of it. Gets rid of the candles. Then finally, it’s over.


John looks to the ground of the abandoned building he’s in, checks his watch, five minutes to midnight, and pulls out a piece of broken glass. He sits criss-cross on the floor and cuts his wrist. John falls over as he begins to bleed out, and who is there waiting above him…. The First Of The Fallen. The Fallen laughs at him and tells him “You all give in eventually” He pushes John into position with unnatural strength, then down on Constantine’s chest with a clawed bright red hand, the floor begins to crack, red fiery light shoots out of the cracks. The moans of the damned call out to Constantine. The ghosts of John’s deceased friends watch him. Then…. The Third of The Fallen arrives. He almost resembles a skeletal grim reaper, but in all white. Another difference is that the Hood is not a hood, but a mask with a pointy tip tightly covering his full face, except for his red irises. Another difference is the robe is very tight, and has no arms. It’s like a straightjacket in the torso region. The figure doesn’t walk, it glides through the room. (You might wonder where this design came from, well I like to draw, so I took one of my creepier pieces of art and used it as a design)


And then, the second. The second is a massive obese creature, hidden in the shadows but appears to resemble a Japanese Oni. The First of The Fallen demands to know what they are doing here. The second says it could ask the same question. That soul belongs to him. The Third cries out that they are both deceivers, it is his!


The First of The Fallen looks at John questioning. John nods to him smiling. The Fallen cries out in rage and tells his brothers Constantine sold his soul to both of them in an attempt to avoid his punishment! The First tells John it will not work! His soul belongs to him by right of insult! The second of the Fallen asks what insult? John tells them, he tricked the First into drinking holy water. The other demons begin to laugh at their brother. He yells at them to stop laughing! The soul is his! John gets up, holding his bleeding arm. “I’ve done my homework! You all have equal right to my soul…”  


The three look at each other. The Third of the Fallen tells John “This will not work. We will find a way!” John tells them. “You don’t have time.” The First laughs “I am eternal.” John corrects him on how while The Fitst is eternal, John isnt. “I die in about two minutes, and you won’t find a loophole, you won’t come to an agreement, because all of you are selfish bastards. You won’t take turns with torturing me, you won’t share, you’ll go to war over my soul the second I die. And that’s a war none of you can win. Maybe you can find a way eventually, but not yet. The second I die, you lose. So… you know what to do.” He holds out his cut wrist to them and smiles. Then stumbles over and falls over. The three brothers look at each other. The First of The Fallen speaks. “He’s right… he beat us.” The First cries out in rage and grabs Constantine’s body. “I will make sure that this is the most painful thing you have ever experienced.” Then he begins to heal John. Constantine screams in pain as the cancer is pulled from his body and his arm wound is healed. John smiles through the pain and struggles to move his arm as heat and fire consume his body. He forms his hand into a middle finger and whispers into the First’s ear “Up yours” John wakes up. They’re gone. It worked.


John staggers out of the building into the shining sunlight. He struggles to get his bearings before realizing. He did it. He’s okay. He’s better than okay. It’s a new day. A second chance to do everything better. He looks into his pocket and pulls out a pack of cigarettes. He thinks for a moment, trying to decide what to do. This is his new start…. He tosses them away and smiles. He walks to the cancer ward, a flask in hand for Matt, then stops. Matt’s bed is covered in blood. He’s gone. A nurse comments to another walking past that it was so violent…. John turns away and begins to run. Outside on the steps of the hospital he gets out a newly purchased pack of cigarettes and begins to smoke.


The End

Well that that was something. Most of my movies I try to have a hopeful optimistic ending, but I wanted to try my hand at something more bleak with this one, and it works for Constantine.


Now, this is the end of this film, but not the end of the story. I have a planned multi film arc involving Zatanna, Constantine, and Swamp-Thing and my previous 2 films were just the introductions to Swamp-thing and Constantine. In future films, I also have plans for The First of the Fallen and Gabriel. I’ve got this Fallen angel villain arc for Gabriel. These are very intriguing characters and I have amazing plans for where to take them. Next time, I will be continuing the story with….


Swamp-Thing: The Reanimator


DISCLAIMER: Comic Book Movie is protected under the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) and... [MORE]
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