Comic-Con Episode 4: A Fans Hope Official Press Release

Comic-Con Episode 4: A Fans Hope Official Press Release

<em>Comic-Con Episode 4: A Fans Hope</em> Official Press Release

For those of you that haven't heard of this, there are no episodes 1 through 3! Its Morgan Spurlock(Supersize Me)'s documentary on what has become a haven for fanboy/girls, The San Diego Comic-Con..

Here is the official press release which includes details on the film as well as quotes from the head honchos behind it, Spurlock, Stan Lee, Joss Whedon, Thomas Tull and some ginger dude from AICN:) ..


Burbank, CA – May 20, 2010 – Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, producers Thomas Tull and Jeremy Chilnick along with comics icon Stan Lee, writer/producer Joss Whedon and online film guru Harry Knowles have joined together to bring audiences the feature length documentary COMIC-CON ESPISODE FOUR: A FAN’S HOPE. The concept for the film is spurred by the ever-growing influence that San Diego Comic-Con continues to have on comics, film, television and pop-culture. The feature documentary will follow seven different people from across America, and around the world, as they descend upon and the veritable Mecca of fandom and experience the rapture that is Comic-Con.

Stan Lee, who is the chairman of Pow! Entertainment, said “An incredible phenomenon is occurring throughout the world. The once-denigrated comicbook has become one of the mightiest pillars of today’s culture. Many of our highest-grossing movies, best selling toys and most popular video games owe their existence to the increasingly influential comicbook. Truly, we live in the day of an ever-burgeoning, ever-growing comicbook culture.”

“When I was a kid, comics changed my life and my world,” said director Morgan Spurlock. “So when I got to San Diego, I felt like I was home. It was such an overwhelming experience for me, and I soon found out that I was not alone. So for me to get to share the experience of Comic-Con with fans all over the world will be an incredible opportunity.”

Thomas Tull, who is producing outside of his day job as Chairman of Legendary Pictures, said “There is no age limit to a fanboy or girl; rather it is a mindset and a love of comics and all things inspired by them that make up this growing community. We look forward to capturing the spirit, energy and people that Comic-Con has infused into legions of fans, bringing these audiences and projects out of the Halls and onto a world stage.”

Harry Knowles said "Comic-Con and the culture that swirls around it is such a beautiful, bizarre and varied universe to capture. I for one, cannot wait to have Morgan film and share it with the world. I've been going to Comic-Con since 1974 and have been amazed that nobody has mounted a serious attempt at documenting what it is that happens there. This is an incredibly exciting project, one that I'm very proud to be a part of!"

Added David Glanzer, spokesperson for Comic-Con, "Since our first convention in 1970 our attendees have long known that comics are as viable form of art and entertainment as any other. We look forward to Morgan sharing this message with an even broader audience."

This will be one Hell of a doc, trust me! The film begin shooting in June and culminate its principal photography at this year’s Comic-Con in July. Morgan Spurlock will direct the film and Thomas Tull will produce alongside Spurlock’s Warrior Poets producing partner, Jeremy Chilnick. Stan Lee, Joss Whedon and Harry Knowles will executive produce.
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