Director/Writer Michael J. Bassett confirms Silent Hill Revelation at Comic Con 2012

Director/Writer Michael J. Bassett confirms Silent Hill Revelation at Comic Con 2012

Attendees of the panel (date and details to be announced) will see the opening scenes of the sequel. Perhaps a new trailer?

Fans of Silent Hill's video games, comics and the first movie, rejoice!

Although director Michael J. Bassett is immersed in new projects, has confirmed that Sony Pictures is preparing a presentation of Silent Hill Revelation for the next Comic Con 2012.

This is what Basset said through its official site:

Coming up fast though, is San Diego Comic Con and I’m delighted to say that I will going this year. There’s going to be a Silent Hill presentation (details to be kept under wraps until the distributors say otherwise) but I’m sure that lucky (and patient) fans will be getting eyes on some scenes and I’ll be doing a Q&A with the cast if all goes well.

Then I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a screening of Solomon Kane with James Purefoy and I on hand to introduce and meet fans and, I think also, a Strikeback presentation too but in truth as I doubt I’ll be invited to that one. Either way, I love Comic Con and it’s going to be crazy busy. I’m planning on having a fantastic time there this year. If any of you are going and know of any must-see events, then drop me a line.

What do you think? Silent Hill Revelation opens on October 26 with performances by Adelaide Clemens, Radha Mitchell, Sean Bean, Carrie-Anne Moss, Deborah Kara Unger, Malcolm McDowell and Kit Harington. The story is based on the video game Silent Hill 3.
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