Live-Action VOLTRON Movie Still In Development

Live-Action VOLTRON Movie Still In Development

Announced at last year's SDCC, details on Relativity Media's live-action Voltron movie have been null and void but this year's Con brought a brief update from the film's producer.

Announced last year at SDCC 2011, details on the live-action Voltron movie have been virtually nonexistent but this year's Con supplied a brief update from World Event Productions' Creative Director Jeremy Corray and vice president Robert Kopla .

QUESTION: What’s the latest word on the Voltron feature film that you introduced at last year’s Comic-Con?

Kopla: It’s currently in development with Relativity Media. Josh Oppenheimer and Thomas Donnelly are working on the script and they have some cool ideas. It’s going to be a big action adventure flick and we’re really excited about it. We have some talented producers on it.

Relativity Media announced last year that they had optioned the rights for a feature film based on the 5 brave space explorers who find robot lions which form the galactic defender known as Voltron.

The live-action film will be produced by Atlas Entertainment’s Roven (The Dark Knight) and Richard Suckle (The International), along with Kickstart Entertainment’s Jason Netter (Wanted). World Events Productions’ Ted Koplar (Voltron Force) will executive produce. The script is being penned by Thomas Dean Donnelly (Conan the Barbarian) and Joshua Oppenheimer (Sahara).

SDCC'11: Live Action Voltron Movie In Development

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