Location of Item 47 Premiere Screening Revealed!

Location of  Item 47 Premiere Screening Revealed!

The location of the "Item 47" screening for tonight has been revealed. Also a certain type restaurant has been spotted...

Are you in San Diego and itching to see the Marvel short “Item 47” before the Avengers Blu-Ray/DVD comes out? Well now you can, as Ryan Penagos, also known as Agent_M, has revealed via twitter the location of the premiere screening:

Also, the folks over at SuperHeroHype have found a Shawarma restaurant that has popped up at the San Diego Comic-Con, and they believe that it might be where people can get tickets to the screening. I think that might be a very good assumption to make. There are photos of the restaurant below:

What do you guys think? Anyone going to check out the screening?
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