More Details on The Film and TV Line-Up For Kapow! Comic-Con 2012 Released

More Details on The Film and TV Line-Up For Kapow! Comic-Con 2012 Released

Earlier today, the full Comics line-up for Kapow! Comic-Con 2012 was unveiled, and now some details for the Movie and TV announcements have been released. Read on for some very interesting teases courtesy of Mark Millar.

The producers have come up with the novel idea of letting attendees email them with suggestions as to which CBM should be screened at the show. Last year, they unveiled Super starring Rain Wilson, months before it was released. Fans can send an e-mail with their suggestions to [email protected] Talking to CBR, Mark Millar also revealed the following:

Thor and Loki made a big impression last year and the studios were really pleased with the response. We've had lots of offers to preview or even screen entire movies, but obviously the con is only on for two days and we have a full line-up as is. We can preview two movies and screen one in total. We're keen to hear from readers what they suggest.

We're going to have the cast of an upcoming comic-book movie live on stage. You'll hear what this in the next few weeks and this is one of several enormous announcements we're breaking exclusively on CBR between now and May 2 when the full blockbuster movie and television line-up is being announced. But until that cast can be unveiled, the organizer was happy to announce that Kapow! will be recorded for television this year and highlights broadcast a week after the event. Music and movie news is considered mainstream enough for television. We even have the Glastonbury Highlights Show in the UK broadcast soon after the musical festival here every Summer. Spider-Man and Batman are bigger than any band, and I want to have an interview on TV be as important as an interview with a rock star or movie star. We've been doing a lot of work putting this together in the background and the visibility on terrestrial television after the event is going to take Kapow! to a whole new level. As far as I'm aware, nobody's ever done anything like this with a comic show before.

I'm curious to know which comic book movie cast will appear at the event. The logical suggestion would be The Avengers, but seeing as Kapow! takes place after the movie is released in the UK, my money is on The Dark Knight Rises as that has a bigger cast than The Amazing Spider-Man. Millar also revealed the panel who will choose the nominees in the second annual "Stan Lee Awards" which includes CBM's own Josh Wilding.

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