SDCC 10: The Punisher Will Return to the Big Screen!

SDCC 10: <i>The Punisher</i> Will Return to the Big Screen!

Kevin Feige talks about a new a new Punisher movie now that the character is back in the hands of Marvel Studios...

So far, the Punisher has been in three films, all of which didn't sit well with fans. At Marvel’s Comic-Con panel, Kevin Feige revealed that they’re doing it again. Feige says that the character is under the welcoming roof of Marvel Studios now and they want to take their own shot at it. Specifically he said he’s hoping for a “Frank Castle” movie shortly.

Later during a roundtable interview for Thor, Feige addressed the larger issue of Marvel character cross-overs on the big screen. "They've done it in the comics occasionally so you never know. We'd like to do an alliance between other Marvel characters behind other doors," he said.

But added, "We'll see. It's always a pleasant surprise when it happens but there's lots of legal, contractual red tape. They will be few and far between. Awhile."

A “Frank Castle” movie. Interesting.

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