SDCC '13: Bruce Timm Creating New Batman Short For DC Nation

SDCC '13: Bruce Timm Creating New Batman Short For DC Nation

During Bruce Timm's SDCC spotlight panel, the legendary animation creator stated that he making a new Batman short for Cartoon Network's DC Nation programming block. He also stated he liked "Man of Steel" and said he'd revive "Batman Beyond" if he could.

The room was packed at San Diego Comic-Con International for animation master Bruce Timm's spotlight panel. While talking with fans Timm revealed that he's doing a new black and white, animated Batman short for Cartoon Network's DC Nation programming block which airs Saturday Mornings. He revealed that it will have an old-school style and will be reminiscent of the Bob Kane era.

When asked about Zack Snyder's somewhat controversial "Man of Steel," Timm simply said he liked it. Keep in mind, Timm worked with Snyder on a new Superman animated short that will debut during tomorrow's 75th Anniversary panel for the Last Son of Krypton.

When asked about the one animated series he would like to continue, Bruce picked "Batman Beyond" although he admitted that the show was a disaster on the toy/merchandise side because toy companies didn't like his designs.

When asked about live-action possibilities, Timm said despite his lengthy work in the animation department, he's never been offered the chance to direct any live-action superheroes. In the past, Timm and Dini worked on a script for a Batman film but it never progressed very far with the studio, even in the development stage.

One of the last questions concerned what Timm would do if he could animate a Marvel character. Timm stated that if he could, he'd do a Marvel animated series with Shang-Chi, Iron Fist and Luke Cage in a "Quentin Tarantino style".

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