SDCC '13: 'THE DARKNESS' Adaptation Will Feature The Witchblade

SDCC '13: 'THE DARKNESS' Adaptation Will Feature The Witchblade

New Regency is planning an adaptation of Top Cow's "The Darkness" which will also feature "The Witchblade" as a project for Underworld director Len Wiseman. The feature film will also reportedly include "The Angelus".

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An adaptation of "The Darkness" is currently in development and set to be directed by Len Wiesman who helmed Underworld (visually that's a perfect match). Said character creator Mark Silvestri on the project, "Witchblade is going to be in 'The Darkness' film...It just became more and more apparent, as we were telling Jackie Estacado's story about "The Darkness" and the dark and light and how much [he and Sara have] intertwined over the years in the comic books. [The comics tell of] how Sara and Jackie have gotten together, how their powers have crossed and how they've fought and they [even] had a child together in the comic books...Jackie has that mob connection which we explore in the movie because it's and origin makes since to have a cop and who do we know that's a cop in the Top Cow universe? Sara Pezzini, weilder of the Witchblade."

These days, most folks probably hear "The Darkness" and think of the first-person horror-action game from 2K. But the series "protagonist", Jackie Estacado was first created in the 1996 Witchblade comic book series from Top Cow. "The Darkness" actually refers to a powerful sentient artifact that is passed down from father to first-born son and allows to the wearer to pretty much do and make anything with the only catch being that its virtually useless in sunlight (think Silver-Age Green Lantern and his weakness against the color yellow). "The Witchblade" is the offspring of "The Darkness" and his opposite number "The Angelus." It is meant to serve as a balance between the two powerful objects. You may recall the 2001 television series of the same name starring Yancy Butler. During Top Cow's SDCC panel it was confirmed that the film would also feature "The Angelus."

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