SDCC '14: Description Of JUPITER ASCENDING Footage

SDCC '14: Description Of JUPITER ASCENDING Footage

Many fans of Channing Tatum ("22 Jump Street") and Mila Kunis ("Ted") were heartbroken when Warner Bros. announced Jupiter Ascending was pushed back from July of 2014 to February of 2015. Here's a description of footage that was shown as Comic-Con.

The website, Slash Film, was on hand for the Warner Bros. Comic-Con presentation and they were lucky enough to view new footage from Jupiter Ascending. The film stars Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis. It was directed by Wachowski' sibling, who are best known for directing The Matrix franchise. The film was supposed to open this month but due to unfinished visual effects the film was delayed until February of 2015. Below, is a detailed description of the footage that was shown.
The Jupiter Ascending footage shown at Comic-Con was essentially an extended trailer. We open on Mila Kunis, as Jupiter Jones, waking up disoriented and asking, “Where am I?” Caine — the alien wolf-man hybrid played by Tatum — responds that they’re still in Chicago, but it’s clear that they’re in the middle of a crazy situation.

Caine explains that Earthlings aren’t the only life in this universe “with more planets than you can count” and we launch into a montage of high-speed chases and shiny explosions across the Chicago night sky. The action looked crisp, colorful, and energetic — think of the Somni sequences in the Wachowskis’ Cloud Atlas.

Eventually we get to a scene of Jupiter in a field, looking skeptical. “Space cop. Sure,” she says. In a different scene, Sean Bean explains that not only are humans not alone, Earth isn’t even the birthplace of the human race. Other factions want Jupiter dead so they can take control. She insists “I’m nobody” but they point out that her enemies aren’t sending assassins after her because she’s nobody.

We got to see some of the other, non-Earthling inhabitants of the Jupiter Ascending universe including small, lanky creatures with horse-like legs and tall lizard men. We got to see the Queen, of whom Jupiter is a clone. “Your majesty, your life is about to change if you want it to,” someone tells Jupiter.

Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis star in "Jupiter Ascending," an original science fiction epic adventure from filmmakers Lana and Andy Wachowski. Jupiter Jones (Kunis) was born under a night sky, with signs predicting that she was destined for great things. Now grown, Jupiter dreams of the stars but wakes up to the cold reality of a job cleaning other people's houses and an endless run of bad breaks. Only when Caine (Tatum), a genetically engineered ex-military hunter, arrives on Earth to track her down does Jupiter begin to glimpse the fate that has been waiting for her all along—her genetic signature marks her as next in line for an extraordinary inheritance that could alter the balance of the cosmos. From the streets of Chicago to far flung galaxies whirling through space, "Jupiter Ascending" is written and directed by the Wachowskis.
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