Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Comic Con Panel Highlights!

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Comic Con Panel Highlights!

<i>Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions</i> Comic Con Panel Highlights!

Check out all the latest info about the game directly from the San Diego Comic Con panel which wrapped up just a few minutes ago.

In yet another live feed, the guys over at Newsarama have brought us all the latest updates straight from the San Diego Comic Con this time featuring a pile of information about the highly anticipated video game, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Thanks again to the site for these great bits of information!

Footage shows Mysterio trying to steal a tablet from the museum. After a brief showdown resulting in the tablet breaking into separate pieces Madame Web appears telling spidey more about the Tablet of Order and Chaos and the other dimensions.

The makers wanted Shattered Dimensions to feel like 4 games in 1.

Amazing Spidey world will be based on web based combat. Webs can be formed into different shapes - hammers, fists, etc.

Noir World will be all about stealth. All levels on Noir take place at night.

2099 has free wall chase sequences and accelerated vision where players can slow down the game.

Ultimate Dimension is all about the black suit. The black suit will allow players to use black tentacles and a rage mode.

Amazing has a classic flatter texture treatment and feels more like vintage.

For Noir rim lighting and warm lighting described as "Frank Miller style" has been applied.

2099 has been updated to today's standards of what the future can be, including neon lights and animated billboards.

Ultimate is a tribute to current comics' style.

Stan Lee said he never expected it, and thinks all these different interpretations have been brilliant.

Juggernaut is also a villain, the first time for a Spidey video game.

Josh Keaton said he was a Spidey fan since he was a kid and the decision to be part of the game wasn't difficult.

Gilvezan's voice as Spidey 2099 will be VERY different than his voice from the cartoon. Spidey's humor is retained, but the voice is tougher according to Gilvezan.

The decision to have 4 different Spideys collaborative. The makers also knew they wanted to have 4 different actors to play them.

When asked which is his favorite Spider-Man, Stan Lee replied the original Spidey naturally.

Unfortunately, Stan Lee had to take off early, but not before he said how impressed he was with the game.

"That was the coolest moment of my life" said Dan Slott.

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