Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet Set To Stir Things Up At SDCC 12

Thomas Jane and  Tim Bradstreet Set To Stir Things Up At SDCC 12

Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet set to reveal their latest comic book projects and special screening that's top-secret, but sure to incur the wrath of Hollywood

Thomas Jane, known from the hit HBO show "Hung" and for his portrayal of Frank Castle in 2004's "The Punisher," is returning to Comic Con to release his two new graphic novel titles and prove his loyalty to his fans and craft. Jane won't be staying long at the Con, as after his Saturday Night Celebrity Panel and Surprise Screening he will be forced to leave San Diego prior to suffering the wrath of Hollywood Suits who are sure to be enraged by Jane's personal screening that pays homage to the art of comic book characters and not Hollywood cash!

Before he shares his secret he will also be promoting his latest comic book projects from RAW STUDIOS along with partner Tim Bradstreet: graphic novel's DARK COUNTRY and BAD PLANET - VOLUME 2: APOCRYPHA.

Note that I will be sitting down with Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet on Friday, so let me know what questions you would like this punishing duo to take on! (See what I did there? "Punishing.")

Here's the information for the special screening and Panel:

Saturday Night 7/14/12
7:30p.m. - 8:30p.m
Room: 26AB

You can also check out Raw Studios booth (#5539) if you happen to be attending the con this year!
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