UPDATED: Smallville Super Suit a Fake!

<font color="red">UPDATED:</font> Smallville Super Suit a Fake!

The visual of that rumored Smallville super suit, has turned out to be a fan rendition.

CBM scooper "Samboy" sent us in yesterday what he said was a flyer being handed out at comic-con of the Smallville Superman suit. Well, thanks to another CBM reader, we've gotten more information on it. Turns out this ain't even close to official...

Hey guys. Just wanted to leave you with some info about the Smallville supersuit you are showing.

I am the original creator of that image. Somebody has taken my design, slapped their name and some text that makes it look real, and passed it off as real. The sad thing is that I didn't even draw the body to begin with! Over in a thread at Super hero hype, a bunch of us were wondering what the suit might look like based off descriptions we heard, and I simply colored in my design over a Gary Frank Superman drawing. I even did 3 different versions according to the feedback I got on the height of the collar. I would be more than happy to send the original files as proof, as the one you have seems printed out and scanned, further adding to it's shodiness, or believability depending who's story is believed.

Again, not blaming you for believing it or anything, but that is my FAN IDEA SPECULATION design, just wondering what the smallville team has cooked up.

Here's the superherohype.com thread where I posted this and 2 other variations on the design, along with many other people's guesses at what the suit may look like :


It's about 2/3 down the page, with the other designs on the next couple pages.

Just wanted to clear that up. Love your site!


Oh well, that is what you get for being trusting. People are just evil. Here's what it we THOUGHT it was going to look like anyway.

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