Updates From WB Panel For Green Lantern

Updates From WB Panel For Green Lantern

Here are the latest updates from Hall H at Comic-Con!

Updates from Poni_Boy on twitter and email. Also, some live blog messages from G4

Geoff Johns just hit the stage to announce the footage!

Footage starts out, a voice talks to us and welcomes us as "Inhabitants of Sector 2814"

Ryan/Hal recites the Oath during the clip! First look at Tomar Re

Reynolds nails three bad guys with a huge green fist

Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Stong, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds hit the stage

Martin Campbell, "The costume is always a work in progress. We have the black and green, and we lost the white gloves. We felt it looked cooler and far more interesting without them. There are certain lines on the costume, and it's more like a skin on GL than a costume. The lines are all lines of musculature, which our designer came up with. It is a work in progress. It will eventually look incredibly cool."

Kilowag, Tomar Re, Boodika, Mogo, The Green Man and Bzzd will be in the movie.

Geoff Johns is telling a story about how they tried to make a Green Lantern 10 years ago, and the first thing the studio exec asked was "Can we make the movie without the ring?" That's when he thought there would never be a Green Lantern film.

3 weeks left to shoot in New Orleans.

Sarsgaard is talking about his character, and how he becomes an expression of what he keeps inside. "He's the kid that licked the battery... or went on the roof during a thunderstorm with a coat hanger."

Geoff Johns can't talk about future DC films...yet

Freaky twins asked Mark Strong if he will 'kick ass' in the film. Creepy

Reynolds: "I saw this guy who is arrogant and cocky in the film who is given this amazing gift, and that becomes humbling for him. I thought that was a great arc for a character in a superhero film."

Ryan Reynolds looks massive! He may be as big as Chris Hemsworth

Johns on possibility of Justice League movie: "Anything is possible, but I think the Green Lantern movie will lead the charge for anything that comes later."

Blake Lively can't wait to be a villain and kick Ryan Reynolds ass in the sequel

Martin Campbell's favorite Lantern is Bzzd, he just had to include him in the film

Reynolds recites The Oath to the crowd (and directly to the little kid that asked him) while brandishing his ring.

Talking about flying, Reynolds says that all the Lanterns have their own way of flying. Reynolds, "We get to really spend up in the air and fly. We can bank and make right turns and do somersaults. The flight part for me has been one of the most fun parts of filling the Green Lantern shoes for me."

Reynolds handed out his ring to a member of the audience (they had paper attached to the bottom of their seat). Reynolds: "This means we're married. But like in Space."

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