CONFIRMED: Harrison Ford To Star In Cowboys & Aliens?

CONFIRMED: Harrison Ford To Star In Cowboys & Aliens?

<font color="red">CONFIRMED:</font> Harrison Ford To Star In <i>Cowboys & Aliens</i>?

First Craig, then Wilde, now... Solo? According to one site, Ford may be lined up to join the project shortly.

UPDATE: Cowboys & Aliens director Jon Favreau has just confirmed that Harrison Ford has been cast in his upcoming film. Here is the Twitter update from his verified account:

For those not familiar with the graphic novel (written by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg), the premise is this: An extraterrestrial species lands in Arizona in the mid-1800s. The aliens plan to dominate the Wild West and enslave humanity, but the local cowboys and native Apache fight back.

So far, film will star 007 himself, Daniel Craig, and TRON Legacy bombshell Olivia Wilde. The latest rumor that just broke is that Harrison Ford will be joining the mix. The assumption comes from Latino Review, who said they received vague information about this surprising casting choice.

Another piece of the puzzle comes from Jon Favreau, who is set to helm the comic adaptation. With Iron Man 2 "signed, sealed and delivered," the comic lovin' director has an open slate to begin production on C&A. Here are the latest updates from his twitter account:

What do you think, could LR be dead on once again with this insider casting update or is this just wishful thinking on some fan's part?

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