Shield Reviews: Cowboys and Aliens

Shield Reviews: Cowboys and Aliens

The Shield Reviews the western Sci-Fi blend-up.

Please be aware that I do my best to not spoil films for readers that haven't seen the specific film yet, but sometimes, I let too much slip out, so if you haven't seen this yet, be alert of some spoilers I put in this review. You've been warned.

Cowboys and Aliens is one of those films that isn't made to be great although it was certainly hyped ever since it's Super Bowl ad, but since the box office results and the critics' ratings have been disappointing up to this point, as if it wasn't what you call a "popcorn" movie already, it certainly is now. It's one of those movies that you can't take seriously - just expect it to be entertaining at most, but to be honest, it was more than entertaining for me. The critics were way too harsh on this. I didn't even know what they are talking about. Now the critics weren't terrible on it, but they certainly could've gave it a higher score since it deserved better in my opinion. The movie is flat-out enjoyable. The acting lead by Daniel Craig as Jake Lonergan and Harrison Ford as Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde are both rock solid in their roles - Craig who is more British, was not at all noticable as his cowboy accent isn't exactly obvious in the film, but it wasn't exactly obvious he's a British man, either. Ford is amazing in every film I've seen it seems like. Whether it is Indiana Jones, Star Wars, or this, he never fails to amaze. Olivia Wilde is also good in the film as Ella Swenson, her character was a little odd where she almost seemed like a hitchhiker stalking Lonergan (his name is hilarious - lone-again) and her character's development was a little shallow, but you can put the blame on the directors and producers of the film for her shallow character development, not Wilde. Wilde isn't the best in the movie, but she still manages to deliver a very solid performance. Paul Dano is kooky as Ford's son in the film, Percy - he is nothing special by any means, but he's a goofy character that brings some humor to the mix. Sam Rockwell is great as Doc while Noah Ringer is excellent as the kid of the cowboys, Emmett Taggart, and Clancy Brown does good as Meacham. The cast is very well-rounded and the flaws aren't too high other than Ella's development, but that's not Wilde's wrongdoing.

The action is pretty cool and the sci-fi special effects are awesome. Whether it's the alien dock or the aliens themselves to Lonergan's mysterious weapon on his arm's technology-created blaster is also cool and kind of brings back memories of the Star Wars days. The movie can be pretty intense at times and the action is at times relentless including a epic final battle between the cowboys and the aliens for the battle of peace. The movie is directed by Jon Favreau who did the Iron Man films and executive producers/producers included Ron Howard and yes, Steven Spielberg. The movie seems to be a mix of three movies: any old western film, Star Wars, and Super 8 with a slight taste of Indiana Jones in it, as well.

For me, I thought the movie was underrated considering the harsh box office results and critics ratings, and I think the movie deserves more than it was given. I loved it and think it receives a 4.5/5.
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