CBM Fight Club: Needs Your Talents

CBM Fight Club: Needs Your Talents

Do you want to Showcase your skills in Drawing, Photomanipulation or Writing? Here's a possible outlet for you.

The CBM Fight Club pit comicbook characters with each other. The Match-ups are requested by the CBM Community.

The CBM Fight Club is now expanding to allow the community to exercise their creative muscles.

If you are an ARTIST, who do photomanipulation, painting or plain old sketching, you can have your art showcased on upcoming CBM Fight Club matches. (The list of upcoming matches are presented below, you can choose, any of the matches that you want to create an art for. Then place your artwork on the comment section below) Your art will be displayed, when the match-up you chose comes up on the CBM Fight Club. Proper credits will be attributed, and if wished and provided a backlink to your CBM fansite will be placed.

If your a Video Editor, we could also use your Fan-made video.

If you are a WRITER, you can provide a fan-fic scenario for the upcoming matches. You can select the location or arena that the CBM Club Fighters will fight on, just remember that this is only a set-up for the fight and not the actual fight itself. Consider that the fight is the first encounter of the two combatants (even if they came from the same Comicbook Universe), try to keep the playing field fair and not give an unfair advantage to any of the fighters. (The list of upcoming matches are presented below, you can choose, any of the matches that you want to write for. You can use the comment section below to write your scenario) Your scenario will be displayed, when the matchup you chose comes up on the CBM Fight Club.

Hulk vs Thing Scenario:
The Fantastic Four with Silver Surfer just defeated that evil cloud Galactus. Everything is back to normal or whatever is normal for them. The newly wed Reed is back tinkering in his lab and his latest creation is an updated Fantasticar. It is up to, Ben the ever lovable Thing, to test drive the new craft. The new Fantasticar handled like a dream, a big improvement from the last one. It reaches higher altitudes and accelerates faster than its predecessor. Suddenly, red lights are flashing, the obnoxious computer voice of Herbie ringing all around. The craft is losing altitude very fast. Ben peered below, all he could see was desert, and it was moving speedily towards him. His name is Bruce Banner, he has been running away from the U.S. Army, more specifically Thunderbolt Ross. Bruce has something Ross wants, the rage incarnate that is living within him, the green goliath known as the Incredible Hulk. After the event against the Abomination, Bruce Banner tried to tame the beast inside him, looking for isolated places in which he could master and control it. Recently he finds himself in a vast stretch of desert, good place to experiment if he could control the beast within. Slowly and surely he let himself transform into the monster. At first his head was clear, he feels the strength encompassing him, the heightened senses overwhelms him but he let off a smile. He knows, He Bruce Banner, is in control then suddenly something very fast zipped above him. A highly advance aircraft which looks military grade, unbeknownst to Banner his left hand already grabs a big rock which he hurled on the speeding craft. Banner blacked-out and Hulk's rage kicked in high gear. The craft crashes, and out of the burning wreckage, came the Thing and he doesn't look amused. A classic battle then ensues you decide the outcome.

Here's the list of upcoming "CBM community requested" matches: (They are not ordered chronologically, any of these match-up can appear anytime on CBM Fight Club)

Let the creative geekjuices flow
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