DAREDEVIL: 10 Characters We Need To See When Marvel Studios Reboots The Man Without Fear

DAREDEVIL: 10 Characters We Need To See When Marvel Studios Reboots The Man Without Fear

After streaming on Netflix, Daredevil is bound to be rebooted at some point by Marvel Studios, but which characters do we need to see when that happens? You can find our top picks after the jump...

Despite some questionable creative decisions here and there (Elektra's death and resurrection and the way The Hand was handled, for example), the three seasons of Daredevil which aired on Netflix were pretty great. Unfortunately, the #SaveDaredevil campaign hasn't really gained much traction, especially now Marvel Television is essentially no more. 

Instead, Marvel Studios is in charge of "Marvel Television Studios," and that means all those properties are likely to be either rebooted or overhauled in some way by Kevin Feige. 

That's bound to include Daredevil, and when the Man Without Fear is brought back to the big or small screen, there are some characters we need to see. In fact, many of those listed here could be part of any number of franchises, and it's about time Marvel Studios take advantage of them. 

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10. White Tiger


An FBI agent assigned to investigate Matt Murdock after his identity was revealed in the press, Angela del Toro became obsessed with finding out what made him choose to become a hero.

She would eventually inherit her uncle’s Jade Amulets and used them to follow in his footsteps to become the new White Tiger. It was during one of her first adventures with her newfound abilities that Angela grew to understand why Daredevil does what he does, and there's a lot here that could make for interesting viewing, especially as Matt once defended her uncle in court. 

Secret identities don't really mean much in the MCU, but exploring what it means for a lawyer to moonlight as a superhero could be legitimately fascinating, especially if he's then outed and there are very real consequences for that. Needless to say, that should all involved White Tiger. 

9. Bullseye


Just like in the 2003 movie, the comic book version of Bullseye murders Elektra. He does this to convince The Kingpin that he’s the right man for the job when it comes to who should be hired to take out Daredevil, and it's a shame the Netflix series took so many liberties with the source material. 

It was certainly fun to get an extended origin story for Bullseye in season three, and he's both a great villain and by far Daredevil’s most famous and formidable foe. Now, though, a new take is definitely required, and we'd hope it would be quite a bit more comic accurate than past versions. 

Bullseye could very easily be introduced elsewhere before crossing paths with the Man Without Fear, whether that's in Hawkeye or even another Disney+ series like Moon Knight

8. Mr. Fear


In many ways, it would be no bad thing for Marvel Studios to move away from villains like Bullseye and Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin (who won't actually be found anywhere in this feature). 

If that is indeed the case, then an ideal "big bad" is Mr. Fear. There’s been a few different versions of the character who utilises a fear gas to take down Daredevil, but the best choice is no doubt Lawrence Cranston. He was a law school classmate of Matt Murdock who hated him ever since he was defeated by the future legal eagle in a mock trial in college.

Unfortunately, he might be too similar to DC’s Scarecrow in some respects, but Mr. Fear can really get into Daredevil's head, and could make for a cool B-List baddie elsewhere in the MCU.

7. Black Widow


Black Widow has been a major player in many of Daredevil’s adventures over the years and was a love interest for some time as well. Unfortunately, Scarlett Johansson's time as the hero is at an end.

However, that doesn't mean the Man Without Fear can't cross paths with someone we believe is going to be the MCU's new Black Widow: Yelena Belova. If she is indeed set to pick up the mantle, then Yelena could make for a compelling love interest and ally to the rebooted Daredevil. 

There's too much history here to ignore, and if Marvel Studios plans on putting Elektra on ice for a while (which wouldn't be the end of the world), then Black Widow could easily fill the void she leaves.

6. Stilt-Man


Pretty much everyone involved with the Daredevil TV series once said that they would like to introduce Stilt-Man, and while his legs could be seen in Melvin Potter’s workshop, it never happened.

How do you convincingly portray a man who walks around on legs which make him nearly as tall as a skyscraper? It’s a tough sell, and one which even the most realistic of makeovers would still struggle to convincingly portray. However, Marvel Studios has surprised us on plenty of occasions, and we're sure Kevin Feige and company could find a way to make this work on screen.

Even if Stilt-Man is just used as a punchline, it's something comic book fans would appreciate! 

5. Typhoid Mary


Young telepath Mary had a very traumatic upbringing and ended up working as a prostitute in Hell’s Kitchen. She first came into contact with Daredevil when he inadvertently knocked her out of a window as she and her fellow prostitutes attacked him in a bid to protect their pimp. It was at this point that her split personality – Typhoid – took over, and vowed never to be hurt by a man again.

Matt was at one point involved in a relationship with Mary while battling Typhoid as Daredevil, unaware that they were the same person. We met a pretty unfaithful version of this character in Iron Fist, so there's absolutely nothing to stop Marvel Studios rebooting her and delivering a comic accurate take who interacts with this character or any number of others on the big or small screen.

Is Typhoid Mary too dark for the MCU? In some ways, yes, but we're sure that could be toned down a tad.

4. The Hand


The Hand is an ancient clan of evil ninjas whose existence was heavily hinted at throughout the entire first season of Daredevil. After returning in season two, they would go on to serve as the big bads of The Defenders, and to say they underwhelmed would be, well, an understatement. 

The Netflix series dropped the ball with The Hand in an undeniable way, but that can now be rectified. 

For starters, they should both resemble their comic book counterparts and dissolve after being killed, two elements which were sorely missing from television for the most part. The Hand don't even need to debut in a Daredevil reboot as a clan of ninjas making their way to the Big Apple is something that could be addressed in a number of different projects over the next few years.

3. Spider-Man


A Spider-Man/Daredevil team-up is one of those things comic book fans have always dreamed of seeing in live-action, and with the wall-crawler now back at Marvel, it’s finally a possibility.

We've mentioned the possibility of Peter Parker needing legal representation in a few different features lately, and Matt Murdock remains the best possible choice for that. He could show up as the high school student's blind lawyer to defend him against charges he killed Mysterio, later suiting up to help the web-slinger out against Kraven the Hunter or whoever else he faces. 

This might be too much to hope for, but it's certainly a possibility. The big question is, would Marvel Studios bring Charlie Cox back or decide to head down a new direction with a different actor?

2. Kirsten McDuffie


A new creation than some of this feature's other suggestions, assistant DA Kirsten McDuffie would be a fantastic addition to the world of Daredevil. There were only a few episodes of Daredevil which delved into Matt and Foggy Nelson being in the courtroom, but there needs to be much more of that in the MCU as being a lawyer is a huge part of this character's motivations.

If that does end up being the case, introducing Kirsten is a no-brainer, not least because she’s a real fan-favourite. She also ends up becoming a great ally to Nelson & Murdock, not to mention Daredevil as well, and while she does end up dating Matt, she's not just a love interest. This would also make for a nice change after seeing so much of Elektra and Karen Page on screen.

Still, there's obviously one "love interest" we know most fans will be desperate to see more of...

1. Elektra


For the most part, the Daredevil TV series handled Elektra pretty well, but there were some major blunders, and her potential was wasted (even though Elodie Yung was great in the role). 

Now, she needs to be rebooted even more than the Man Without Fear, and Marvel Studios could very easily make her a priority. If that's the case, we could see Elektra show up before even Daredevil does, whether it's as a hired assassin or anti-hero. There's honestly no need for these two to be tied together from the start, and their history could be hinted at only very vaguely.

Regardless, this is a character with so much potential that we need to see her back on screen sooner rather than later. She could take centre stage in her own movie or TV show, and Daredevil can just follow Elektra somewhere down the line...perhaps as her love interest this time! 

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