DAREDEVIL: There's Now Less Than Six Months Until Marvel Regains The Rights To The Man Without Fear

DAREDEVIL: There's Now Less Than Six Months Until Marvel Regains The Rights To The Man Without Fear

2020 feels like the longest year ever, but it's now been revealed that there's less than six months to go until the rights to Daredevil return to Marvel Studios following that deal with Netflix...

We could all use some good news given what's happening in the world right now, and Daredevil fans are bound to appreciate this. As noted by the "Save Daredevil" Instagram account, there are less than six months to go until the rights to the Man Without Fear return to Marvel Studios. 

While Disney owns the character, Marvel Television's deal with Netflix means they have exclusive streaming rights to any content featuring the Marvel Comics superhero for two years. 

Well, we're now eighteen months into that two-year period, and it sounds like the #SaveDaredevil movement will be campaigning hard to bring Daredevil back to our screens this November. So far, over 350,000 fans have signed a petition pleading with Marvel Studios to resurrect the series, but whether that will actually end up happening is hard to say. 

Star Charlie Cox believes that his time as Matt Murdock has reached its end, and it does seem likely that the property will be rebooted alongside a number of other Marvel Television properties.

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10. Original Yellow Costume


Regardless of whether a Daredevil reboot is an origin story for the character or picks up with him as an established hero remains to be seen, but an appearance from his original yellow costume is a must.

The Man Without Fear is one of only a handful of superheroes to receive a drastic costume redesign after being introduced, but this suit has since been referenced in various comics, including Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Daredevil: Yellow (which didn't influence that Netflix series anywhere near enough). 

It might be a smart way to differentiate this Daredevil from previous iterations by putting him in his yellow costume, and fans would definitely appreciate the opportunity to see what has become a beloved look for the hero since it first debuted well over 50 years ago. 

9. Mental Instability


If you're not the biggest Daredevil fan, it may come as surprise to learn that Matt Murdock has suffered from some serious mental issues over the years. The Kingpin once succeeded in mentally breaking Daredevil, while the murder of his girlfriend at the hands of Bullseye pushed him into a spiral which saw him eventually carve a literal bullseye into that villain’s forehead.

Pushed to breaking point, Matt even ended up declaring himself New York’s new Kingpin of Crime!

These issues have been a constant struggle for the hero, and though dealing with Daredevil’s mental health would potentially be a dark path to take a movie in, having The Kingpin break the Man Without Fear only for him to find his way back to the light is the kind of story which would actually be more inspiring than anything, while also bringing attention to some serious issues. 

8. Courtroom Drama


As great as the Daredevil series on Netflix often was, it's crazy that it never really devoted a serious amount of time to the fact Matt Murdock is a lawyer. That was only ever really addressed on a surface level, and even Frank Castle's day in court proved to be something of a let-down. 

It's said that the MCU's version of She-Hulk will specialise in superhuman law, so taking Matt down a similar route might not be the worst idea in the world. Heck, if Marvel Studios holds off on introducing the Man Without Fear for a few years, then he could even work for Jennifer Walters!

Matt and Foggy Nelson's courtroom battles need to be a big part of whatever comes next for Daredevil.

7. A Not So Secret Identity?


Secret identities aren't really a thing in the MCU, and should Marvel Studios decide to explore this storyline, we could be in for a real treat. When a corrupt FBI agent sold Daredevil’s secret identity to a tabloid newspaper, the hero found himself dealing with an insanely difficult situation.

His identity now public, Matt Murdock was pursued by the law, faced problems from the New York State Bar Association due to his vigilante activities outside of his law career, and was forced to deny these accusations very publicly as his greatest villains targeted those closest to him.

This wouldn't necessarily fit into a reboot, but the groundwork could definitely be laid for a sequel, even if it's something as simple as a post-credits scene showing that FBI agent selling Daredevil's secrets to...well, why not TheDailyBugle.net's J. Jonah Jameson? That might be fun!

6. Karen Page


Originally introduced as the secretary in Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson’s law firm, the two friends spent years battling for the affections of Karen Page. However, she had her sights set on Daredevil, but finding out that he and Matt were one and the same pushed their relationship to the limit and led to her leaving New York behind.

If that sounds familiar, it's because we have already seen something similar play out on the small screen! 

However, Karen would still make for a great addition to a reboot, especially if her fate is the same as in the comics. After reuniting with Matt, Karen saved Daredevil’s life when she was impaled on a billy club thrown at her lover by the villainous Bullseye. She died in The Man Without Fear’s arms, and this set the hero on a dark path...

5. Bullseye


Colin Farrell and Wilson Bethel both brought a lot to the table as Bullseye, but it’s about time that we see a faithful take on the psychotic villain. The deadly assassin for hire is capable of using practically anything as a lethal projectile weapon with flawless accuracy and deadly force.

He needs to be more than just a henchman though, and Marvel Studios would be smart to really let him show off his sadistic side (even if it means pushing the boundaries of a PG-13 rating).

Over the years, Bullseye has been responsible for killing both Elektra and Karen Page in cold blood, making his rivalry with the Man Without Fear all the more personal. There are a number of villains they could and should feature in a reboot, but Bullseye should definitely be a priority...he just needs the damn costume already as it still infuriates that season three shied away from that.

4. Less Frank Miller, More Mark Waid


Frank Miller is rightly considered one of the best Daredevil writers of all-time, and as bad as it was, his influence could still be felt in some of the best moments of the 2003 movie. It also heavily influenced the TV series, whether it was the black costume or some of the story arcs we ended up seeing.

However, an MCU reboot would be better off following in the award-winning footsteps of Mark Waid’s Daredevil run. It found the right balance of humour and character drama, and is actually a tone which would fit perfectly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of course, there’s nothing to say that there can’t still be some serious and darker elements to the movie.

However, with the comic book runs which have followed Waid's mostly serving as "Miller-lite," it would be no bad thing for a reboot to shake things up and deliver a drastically different tone. 

3. The Kingpin


Even though he played a major role in the 2003 movie and the Netflix TV series, there's still plenty that can be done with Wilson Fisk, this time in a slightly more comic accurate fashion. 

That's not to say Wilson D'Onofrio's take was bad because it really wasn't; however, a Kingpin who is literally the Kingpin of Crime in New York City would be fun to see, especially if he pulls strings which are felt across multiple franchises. To differentiate this version, though, why not have him masquerade as the kind-hearted Mayor of New York City? 

We also wouldn't say no to some CGI enhancements which make him look comic accurate. 

2. A Spider-Man Team-Up


Spider-Man's MCU future is uncertain; while Tom Holland is currently signed for one more solo movie and an appearance in another Marvel Studios project, what comes after that is hard to say. 

With any luck, Sony Pictures will be smart enough to continue their deal with Disney, and that should leave the door open for a long overdue meeting between Peter Parker and Matt Murdock. Their friendship is the stuff of legend, and a team-up between Spider-Man and Daredevil never disappoints.

If we do end up getting a reboot, then it would be smart to throw Spider-Man into the mix as it would bring more eyes to the project. Perhaps the heroes could even end up in the same college?

1. Elektra


Played by Jennifer Garner in 2003’s Daredevil and the terrible 2005 spin-off, Elektra is a character who definitely deserves to be done justice on the big screen. She was really little more than a love interest for the Man Without Fear in the movie, and while we appreciated Elodie Yung's take on the assassin, the way things ended for her on the small screen left a bad taste. 

Depending on when in Matt Murdock’s life this reboot is set, we could see them meet in college or even years later when she returns to New York City as a trained assassin for The Hand.

Of course, it's vital that any movie avoids retreading old ground, so a complete overhaul might not be a bad thing at this point. Providing a reboot gets Elektra's personality and relationship with Matt Murdock right, a fresh take which breathes new life into the anti-hero definitely makes sense. 

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