David Slade Confirms Upcoming Daredevil News For Next Week, Corrects Past JLA Project Rumors!

David Slade Confirms Upcoming <i>Daredevil</i> News For Next Week, Corrects Past <i>JLA</i> Project Rumors!

In an attempt to straighten up rumors surrounding the project, the director mentions that Daredevil news is to come later next week, in the process also talks a bit about the past Justice League movie. Hit the jump to check them out!

As the director said via his Twitter account:

"Daredevil is ongoing, official news will break next week.. Can't say more."

And back on several tweets, the director also talks about the past George Miller's JLA movie that once had rumored mentions of his involvement:

"Just saw an old article on JLA that I can put straight too. I was never officially hired, nor did I have an office.."

"I met the writers The Mulrooneys, read their script and liked it, I got a ton of swag from the on site DC merchandising shop for free.."

"..and that was that, I brainstormed with a line producer but we never did a budget. I think they met a few people."

"Eventually I think George Miller tried but I hear they had budget problems. This is how the rumours get around, and this is how they end."

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