Rumor: Garret Hedlund Interested In Daredevil

Rumor: Garret Hedlund Interested In <i>Daredevil</i>

Daredevil rumor day continues! This time it's Tron Legacy's Garret Hedlund that is said to be eyeing up the role of Matt Murdock in David Slade's movie..

Yes, this is getting a bit silly. Particularly because it's pretty unlikely that Slade and Fox have begun to think about casting since there isn't even a script yet! But this rumor from our friends at Lostinthemultiplex suggest that Hedlund is interested in playing Matt Murdock..

Rumour has it that Garrett Hedlund – last seen prancing about with Olivia Wilde in ‘Tron: Legacy’ – is interested in donning the red Lycra. He turned down Captain America because he didn’t want the 9-picture deal, but maybe he thinks Daredevil is the right super for him. But is he the right actor for the part?

Note that this rumor doesn't link Hedlund to the movie in any way, only suggest that HE is interested. This current crop of rumored potential men without fear also seem a little young if Fox do indeed intend to set this film after the events of the last one and focus on the "Born Again" comic storyline. Anyway, so far we have Robert Patinson, Bradley Cooper and Hedlund. Who would you prefer?

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