Dismal News To Come for Fox's DAREDEVIL Reboot?

Dismal News To Come for Fox's DAREDEVIL Reboot?

While already speculated upon, a recent update on the official Twitter account of Joe Carnahan seemingly brings discouraging news regarding him helming Fox's Daredevil reboot. Check it out!

Reports of the unlikely character swap between Marvel Studios & 20th Century Fox overshadowed the news, but The Grey director Joe Carnahan approached the latter studio to helm their Daredevil reboot. With issues aplenty—mainly that the characters' rights will soon revert back to Marvel—a recent tweet from Carnahan's official Twitter account has seemingly raised more doubts & concerns for the reboot. Spotted via IGN, the tweets read:

Exactly a week ago, The A-Team helmer seemed enthusiast about the project, going as far asking his Twitter followers what they've heard regarding the roboot. And amid replying to those who responded, he had teased:

As IGN notes, these discouraging tweets could mean that Fox is finally letting go of The Man Without Fear, and allowing the rights to return to Marvel on October 10. Or, this could mean the studio is passing on Joe Carnahan as the director and quickly searching for someone else. With actual news sure soon to come, what do you think?

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