EDITORIAL: Well, Marvel... Am I Going To Get A Daredevil Movie Before I Die?

EDITORIAL: Well, Marvel... Am I Going To Get A Daredevil Movie Before I Die?

Marvel previously announced a new Netflix series starring Daredevil, and while I personally can't wait, I still think he belongs on the big screen. I think that out of all the properties Marvel has the rights to, Daredevil is in most need of a movie, Netflix show or no Netflix show.

Marvel Studios finally got back the rights to Daredevil last year. But is a Daredevil movie anywhere on Marvel’s To-Do List? While a lot of fans think Daredevil is better suited for the small screen, I think he belongs on the big screen. It was previously announced that a Daredevil series was coming from Netflix. While it is great that we are finally getting to see more of Daredevil, the show may/will effect whether or not we will see a Daredevil movie anytime soon.

When Marvel finally regained the Daredevil rights a year ago, we were all excited to see Daredevil join the MCU. While we are not sure if the Netflix shows will be set in the MCU or not, we do know that we might not get another Daredevil movie for quite some time if the show is a success. If the show is in the MCU, we might not get a Daredevil movie until the show is over, or there’s even a chance it won’t be until AFTER the MCU is over (if he gets killed off in the Defenders show). If it isn’t set in the MCU, Marvel still might not give him a movie until after the show has ended. We are a couple years away from the premiere of the Daredevil show, so obviously we don’t know Marvel’s plans yet. I think the most important topic isn’t if he is going to get a movie, but rather if a movie is the better choice or not. I am one of the people who think Daredevil is better off on the big screen. But just because I think that, it doesn’t mean I don’t support the TV Show. I don’t have Netflix, but I will still find a way to watch the show (even if it means getting Netflix just for it if I have to). I believe the show will be amazing, and I am happy to see Marvel finally do something with Daredevil since they acquired the rights. Daredevil has many great stories they can adapt, and the fact that he is a lawyer will make for some pretty interesting episodes (to be honest, the more I write this article, the more I’m starting to anticipate the Daredevil show). But even though the show will be great, it’s a movie that I really want. Despite the fact that the 2003 Daredevil movie was terrible (the director’s cut wasn’t that bad by comparison though), I think the best part about it would be the fact that it shows Daredevil has potential on the big screen.

The problem with fitting Daredevil into the MCU is the tone. Marvel is focusing on comedy (sadly, their movies add more comedy every year), so a dark and gritty Daredevil movie doesn’t necessarily fit into this particular tone. Perhaps the tone could be similar to The Incredible Hulk, or even Iron Man or Avengers’ kind of tone would be acceptable. It will be darker than their other movies, but that is okay. Sure, Marvel can try to make a more light and child friendly Daredevil movie, but what is the point? Daredevil doesn’t really seem like a light character in my opinion, so if they are going to do a light-hearted Daredevil movie, they might as well not even make a Daredevil movie at all. That is just my opinion. I want a dark Daredevil movie, but then again, it shouldn’t be completely different from the other movies in tone, or it just won’t fit into the MCU right. Having Matt Murdock be blind is too tragic to make light of, and being a lawyer is also something they don’t want to make a joke of. Daredevil also doesn’t fit into Marvel’s plans of “going cosmic” throughout the next phase or two. But Marvel still needs diversity, because not everything can be cosmic either. I think that out of all the characters Marvel has the rights to, Daredevil is the character in the most need of a movie, almost as much as Thor or Captain America before they got their movies back in 2011. I understand why it may be debatable to bring Daredevil into the MCU, but with the right director, cast, and most importantly; script, it can potentially fit greatly into the MCU and be an amazing movie.

There are many reasons why a Daredevil movie would be a great addition to the MCU. The number one reason to me is the fact that they need street-level heroes, and Daredevil would be the perfect choice to be the street-level hero Marvel needs. Think about it: Marvel has a tech-based hero, a war-based hero, a fantasy-based hero, a cosmic-based hero, and many others too. But we don’t yet have a street-level hero to handle the minor villains out there. Another reason why a street-level hero like Daredevil is needed is to back-up what Fury said in The Avengers. “You think you’re the only hero in the world?” Not every hero has to join the Avengers and fight aliens, but there does need to be other heroes out there to show that there are many heroes on Earth who are fighting for the greater good. Also, Daredevil is also a very interesting character, and many great stories can come from him. When Downey Jr.’s contract expires, along with Evans’ Hemsworth’s, Marvel is going to need someone else to be their big hero. Sure, they could use Dr. Strange, or even Ant-Man, but Daredevil is the most interesting, and he is also very popular. Many kids know who he is. While he isn’t as popular as Spider-Man, X-Men, or Iron Man, he is still a character that frequently appears on Marvel-themed coloring books and toys. The reason he isn’t extremely popular is because he doesn’t appear in movies. If he gets a movie, he will instantly become more popular, meaning Marvel will make more movies. If Daredevil is on Netflix, he won’t be anywhere near as popular as he would if he were to get his own movie. Many people do not have Netflix, and even though they will probably appear online, it is completely different. Only comic fans who don’t have Netflix will go online to watch episodes. If he gets a movie, non-comic fans will know about the movie and want to go see it. It is a much better way of making Daredevil a much more popular character with the General Audience.

Obviously, I have my opinion. Daredevil is one of my favorite Marvel characters and I want what’s best for the character. You heard my opinion, so now go comment below because I would also like to read your opinion. And if you liked this article, don’t forget to click that red glove to give this article a big thumbs up!
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