Fox Allowing DAREDEVIL's Return To Marvel/Disney

Fox Allowing DAREDEVIL's Return To Marvel/Disney

Following discouraging tweets from potential director Joe Carnahan, recent reports seemingly confirm that Fox is letting go of their Daredevil reboot, allowing the character's rights to revert!

Despite nearly two months remaining before Matt Murdock officially comes home, Deadline is reporting that 20th Century Fox is finally pulling the plug on their Daredevil reboot. Assumed earlier today when Joe Carnahan tweeted that his “retro, red-suited, Serpico-styled superhero” pitch “went up in smoke,” the site claims:

“From what I’m hearing, that means that Fox is prepared to see the rights to that character revert back to Marvel Studios, and fall under the Disney umbrella. Marvel essentially said no to an extension and to Fox’s request that it come aboard as cofinancier of the Daredevil film.”

As the site points out, Joe Carnahan could still helm the reboot, but it'd be up to Marvel Studios and Disney. And more than likely, they'll likely want a fresh creative team behind the character's next outing.

When things officially fall through, we can expect Marvel Studios to somehow include The Man Without Fear in their expanding cinematic universe. Whether that is via his own much-needed solo film, a television series, or perhaps a team-up movie is unknown. Although, considering Marvel Studios has a long slate of films already planned, there's no telling when plans for Daredevil will be set in motion. What do you think?

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