Fringe Screenwriter Penning Daredevil Reboot & Story Arc Revealed!

<i>Fringe</i> Screenwriter Penning <i>Daredevil</i> Reboot & Story Arc Revealed!

It seems development for the David Slade-directed Relaunch of Fox's Daredevil franchise is moving forward with a screenwriter attached & the comic it's adapted from revealed!

Roughly 2 weeks ago, the attached director of 20th Century Fox's long productive Daredevil reboot, David Slade, hinted that news was soon coming, though soon after it was revealed that it wasn't much "news" at all. Despite that however, The Hollywood Reporter has now learned who'll pen the reboot's script, as well what story arc the film will be adapted from.

Brad Caleb Kane, a writer-producer on cult Fox TV show Fringe, has been hired to pen the franchise’s relaunch, which has high ambitions: Kane is being asked to adapt one of the most influential and acclaimed comic stories of all time, Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s "Born Again" run from Daredevil.

Despite the studio rebooting the franchise, the "Born Again" story arc was expected to be used in the sequel to the Ben Affleck-starrer, with director Mark Steven Johnson showing interest in the storyline.

Frank Miller's "Born Again" story arc details Murdock’s girlfriend selling his secret identity to bolster her drug addiction. Kingpin gets a hold of the information and slowly but surely ruins Murdock’s life. So, essentially, Daredevil's fall to insanity and destitution at the hands of the Kingpin, as well as his subsequent struggle to build a new life for himself. What do you think?

Anyhow, THR further state that "Kane is a Daredevil fan, and his energy and passion for the material helped him nab the job." And with Slade directing, Peter Chernin and Dylan Clark of Chernin Entertainment are producing.
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