Mark Waid Says DAREDEVIL Is 'Tailor-Made' For Television

Mark Waid Says DAREDEVIL Is 'Tailor-Made' For Television

Mark Waid Says DAREDEVIL Is 'Tailor-Made' For Television

The current writer for Marvel's Daredevil series thinks that "the Man Without Fear" would be great as a crime drama on television.

Mark Waid has been knocking it out of the park over on Daredevil, it's one of the more consistent mainstream comics on the market these days. So how does he feel about the rights to the character returning to Marvel Studios? Here's what he had to say about whether he prefers a film or television show for Daredevil.

WAID: I’d love to see it as a TV series rather than a movie, if given the choice — I think it’s tailor-made for an adult crime show, particularly now that we’ve clearly defined Matt and Foggy’s legal practice as advisors and coaches to those who choose to represent themselves in court for whatever reason. Get Central Casting on the line and find me a David Duchovny who can fight like Jet Li!

Agree or disagree? Should ol' horned head join the MCU or get his own television show? I've seen many comments on the site that support the latter so if you feel otherwise sound off below in the usual spot.

Also, be sure to click the source link to read what Waid has to say about his plans for the Hulk as he takes over writing duties on the jade giant's solo series as part of the MarvelNOW! launch.

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