Marvel Exec Says, DAREDEVIL Won't Make Mistakes Like Ben Affleck's Movie

Marvel Exec Says, DAREDEVIL Won't Make Mistakes Like Ben Affleck's Movie

Marvel's television executive Jeph Loeb discussed the upcoming Netflix Daredevil television series and reassured fans it would avoid the mistakes that the feature film made.

Mark Steven Johnson wrote and directed the 2003 Daredevil film, which starred Ben Affleck ("Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice") as Matt Murdock/The Man Without Fear and Jennifer Garner ("Elektra") as Elektra Natchios. The theatrical cut has received its fair share of criticism, but the director's cut is considered much better. It is. Currently, a new Daredevil is in the works and this time it will be a Netflix television series. Marvel television executive Jeph Loeb was interviewed by  KFI AM 640 and he made it a point to let fans know the show would not make past mistakes like the feature film did.

"When we started talking to our actors and to our directors, this is with all due respect to the film, if you want to know what we're not doing, go watch the movie. If you want to know what we're doing, it's very much steeped in the world of the comics, but it also has a life of its own and that's really what television and our films really do is that we take the best....We hope and we're very confident that this is the beginning of something that's very exciting on Netflix." - Jeph Loeb

Of course when you add another superhero to the New York setting some super-fans will want to know where the Daredevil's of the world were when The Avengers battled Loki and the Chitauri during Joss Whedon's film. Loeb addressed those geeky concern:

"When I watched The Avengers, which is really one of my favorite movies, during the scene when the sky opens up, the Chitauri are coming and there's a giant battle over by Grand Central Station, even in the theater I was thinking, 'In the true Marvel Universe if you go about ten blocks over and an avenue down, there's a place called Hell's Kitchen and in that world are characters like Daredevil and Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, Hero for Hire, and those characters are not going to be involved in an inter-warfare-universe-colliding incident. That's what the Avengers do and they do it really, really well and those movies are incredible. We wanted to have an opportunity to be able to tell stories about our street-level heroes and how that they could possibly interact in the world of Marvel without it feeling like it's completely detached and by the same token feeling like it's part of that world." - Jeph Loeb

Daredevil - Charlie Cox ("Boardwalk Empire") will play Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Vincent D’Onofrio ("Men In Black") will play Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin, Elden Henson (“Mighty Ducks”) will play Foggy Nelson, Deborah Ann Woll ("True Blood") will play Karen Page, Scott Glenn ("The Hunt for Red October") will play Stick and Rosario Dawson ("Sin City") will play a beautiful female character.
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