Michael Clarke Duncan On The Daredevil Reboot, & Wanting To Play Panthro In A Thundercats Movie!

Michael Clarke Duncan On The Daredevil Reboot, & Wanting To Play Panthro In A Thundercats Movie!

Michael Clarke Duncan On The <i>Daredevil</i> Reboot, & Wanting To Play Panthro In A <i>Thundercats</i> Movie!

The actor, about to be heard voicing Kilowog in Green Lantern, reveals that he would love to play Kingpin again in the upcoming Daredevil reboot, and also Panthro should a live action Thundercats movie ever happen..

In an interview with Blackfilm, Duncan speaks in detail about voicing Kilowog in Green lantern. But it's nothing we haven't heard before really; aside from maybe that he has signed on for sequels?(did we already know that?). Anyway, what caught my attention was his responses to being asked about the Daredevil reboot currently in the early stages at Fox..

There’s been talk of (20th Century) Fox doing a reboot of ‘Daredevil’. Would you go back to play Kingpin again if asked?

MCD: Oh, yeah. I loved playing Kingpin. Kingpin was a cool guy. He ran everything. Not withstanding the last fight at the end of the movie with Daredevil, Kingpin was the shit, man. I’d be honored to play Kingpin. I’m only 280 (pounds) now. So, I’d have to gain a considerable amount of weight because I think I was weighing 340 when I did Kingpin. I was well over three hundred. I’m an actor and if that opportunity came up I’d love to do that character all over again.

Now obviously with director David Slade's movie being a complete reboot, the chances of Duncan reprising his role as Wilson Fisk is extremely unlikely. It's a shame in a way though, despite some fan's problems with the character's race change, I thought he did a great job. Anyway, Duncan also reveals that he has a lot of love for Panthro(everyone's favorite Thundercat?) and would like to play him should a movie ever materialize. He also says he would be into playing a character in the Gi Joe sequel. Don't do it Michael!..

"I’d love to play Panthro from ‘Thundercats’. I remember character and the series from years ago. I used to watch that when it was on television a lot and Panther was baldheaded and looked like he was African American to me. He was very defined, quick, had the nunchucks. I don’t know what I’d do with the nunchucks. I hit myself in the head when I was younger, and so they’d have to teach me that move. Panthro would be a really good opportunity for me. I think that they have another ‘GI Joe’ movie coming out. I would love to try and get involved in that. There are a lot of different things coming up that I would love to be involved in. If they are open, I’m ready.

What do you think guys? Would MCD make a good Panthro? How would you feel about his coming back as Kingpin?

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