RESULTS: Who Would You Like To See Play Daredevil?

RESULTS: Who Would You Like To See Play Daredevil?

A little under 3000 of you voted for who you most want to see portray the Man Without Fear in the upcoming reboot from David Slade, and you can find the results here...

Rather predictably, it was Dexter's Michael C. Hall who walked away with a HUGE majority of over 500 more votes than the actor who finished in second place. Who was that? Somewhat surprisingly, it was Star Trek star Chris Pine! Not too far behind him was Tron: Legacy's Garrett Hedlund. After that, there was very little difference between the rest of the contenders with only a few votes separating each of them. Here are the results in full. Thanks for voting!

Michael C. Hall

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922 Votes (31.28%)

Chris Pine
406 Votes (13.77%)

Garrett Hedlund
312 Votes (10.58%)

And the rest...

Bradley Cooper
261 Votes (8.85%)

Jason Statham
229 Votes (7.77%)

Patrick Wilson
228 Votes (7.73%)

202 Votes (6.85%)

Ben Affleck
192 Votes (6.51%)

Robert Pattinson
106 Votes (3.60%)

Josh Hartnett
42 Votes (1.42%)

Jude Law
30 Votes (1.02%)

Jamie Bamber
18 Votes (0.61%)

Do you agree with these results? With David Slade yesterday revealing that they're still nowhere near close to casting anyone, it sounds like it'll be a while until we find out! Be sure to share your thoughts in the usual place!

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