SDCC'11: Katee Sackhoff Wants To Play Daredevil’s Typhoid Mary

SDCC'11: Katee Sackhoff Wants To Play <i>Daredevil’s</i> Typhoid Mary

The actress best known as Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica, hungers for the chance to play one of Daredevil's most complicated villains/love interest.

The idea of Katee Sackhoff playing a villain isn't that much of a stretch. In the failed television series, Bionic Woman that is in fact the role she played. And may I add she played it with gusto and was one of the few bright spots in a rather mundane show.

Typhoid Mary is a plumb role for any actress. The character suffers from mental illnesses, one of them being, multiple personalities. There are 3 different personalities, one is "Mary," who is pleasant, shy, a pacifist at her core. The other is "Typhoid" who is playful, sexy, but also violent at times. And then there is the third, "Bloody Mary," who is the beast. She is full on psychotic, no one is safe around her, violent illogical decision making. I think Sackhoff would relish the amount of range that would require from this challenging role, and I think she can deliver the goods.

Interest in Typhoid Mary
Who do you need to @#$% to get Typhoid Mary? Because obviously it’s not working for me! [Seriously though] I’m obessessed with Typhoid Mary, I think that she is a phenomenal character. A couple of years ago I actually got a bunch of Typhoid Mary comic books at the Golden Apple in Los Angeles and like five seconds after I walked out it was online…

Reason she wants to play a villain
That’s crazy! I love her. I love being bad. I think it’s so much more fun, because it’s so much more challenging to make people like you. I think that’s what fun about it – when you play the villain…you want people to want you to win, and then you’ve succeeded [as an actor]. So the villains are so much more complicated and fun to play as an actor.
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