The 70s DAREDEVIL & BLACK WIDOW TV Show That Almost Happened

The 70s DAREDEVIL & BLACK WIDOW TV Show That Almost Happened

A couple pictures and details have surfaced revealing a Daredevil & Black Widow TV show that almost got made in the 70s, starring Angela Bowie and Ben Carruthers.

Angela Bowie, former wife of singer David Bowie, has revealed via an email to that she was given the television rights to Black Widow and Daredevil for a year, and attempted to create a TV series. However, due to cost and special effects reasons, the furthest they ever got was a brief photo shoot which you can see below.

Thank you for your interest and e-mail. I am surprised that you ask me that question. I received permission from Stan Lee to have the rights to Daredevil and Black Widow for a year. We were unable to place the series. Actor, writer, Benny Carruthers and I did the photo shoot with Terry O'Neill and Natasha Kornilkoff costume designer and Barbara Daly - make-up in London and that was all that ever happened. Unfortunately at that time it was considered too difficult and expensive to film, special effects etc.

I appreciate your asking,

kindest regards,

Those photos were taken around 1975, before nearly every other superhero television show of the time had been made.

What do you think of these mildly ridiculous photos? Glad this show never saw the light of day? Leave a comment.
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