UPDATE: Did David Slade Reveal The Title Of His Daredevil Reboot?

<font color= red>UPDATE:</font>  Did David Slade Reveal The Title Of His <i>Daredevil</i> Reboot?

This may be nothing at all, but a recent Tweet by the director may have given us some idea as to what he may be calling his in development Daredevil reboot..

While giving IMDB a bit of telling off for posting false information(never!), director David Slade may have revealed his title for his upcoming Daredevil flick when he tweeted..

Dear IMDB. Keep up! Directed Ep 403 of Breaking Bad, Demeter is not in pre production, just talks. THE DAREDEVIL is in script development.

Before this the director offered up a small update as to the movie's progress..

Daredevil is being written only by Brad Kane. He and I are currently accelerating through the plot and character stage.

THE Daredevil? It doesn't sound likely I admit, but then whey use it here? Maybe it's just a mis-tweet and he meant to say "the Daredevil script" or something. But if it isn't, how would you feel about this title? I can't recall, but has Matt Murdock's fearless alter ego ever been referred to as The Daredevil in much the same way as Batman has been called The Batman? We know that the script will be adapted from Frank Miller's " Born Again" comic arc, so that could well be the title, although it's actually rare that a movie keeps the exact title from a comic story it's influenced by. Anyway, I have asked Slade about it and he is generally pretty responsive so lets see what he says.

UPDATE: Well, not too unsurprisingly this will not be the title. David Slade just Tweeted..

DAREDEVIL movie has no working title so far I mis-capitalised "THE". Assume it will use the name Daredevil in some way, suggestions?

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