UPDATE: Is Taylor Kitsch On Fox's Radar To Play DAREDEVIL?

<font color= red>UPDATE:</font> Is Taylor Kitsch On Fox's Radar To Play DAREDEVIL?

Chalk this up as a rumor for now, but John Carter himself might just be a contender to take over from Ben Affleck in David Slade's rebooting of the blind crime fighter..

Haven't had a good Daredevil rumor in a while! In an article listing actors that came close to playing superheroes, Moviehole mention that Vid Diesel was at one point in the running to play Daredevil before opting out in favour of Pitch Black. Of course the role then went to Ben Affleck, but as we know director David Slade is set to reboot the franchise for Fox with a brand new Matt Murdock. Several actor's names popped up around the time this was announced but Slade himself dismissed them all, saying he hadn't even thought about casting yet. Well some time has passed, and he may be thinking about it now. Could John Carter's Taylor Kitsch be a possibility? Moviehole think he might be..

..And now, of course, David Slade is rebooting the franchise with everyone from Xavier Samuel (“A Few Best Men”) to Taylor Kitsch (“John Carter”) said to be in contention.

I have heard Samuel's name mentioned in connection before but Kitsch is definitely a new one. Now bare in mind this might well be an older rumor we just hadn't heard before - although round these parts that is most unlikely - or a new one with nothing behind it. But Clint over at Moviehole keeps his ear to the ground about these type of things, and with Kitsch's star about to rise substantially after - the by all accounts pretty great - John Carter this was well worth mentioning. Do you guys think Kitsch would make a good Daredevil? Sound off below. And be sure to check out the full article by clicking the link below, it's an interesting read.

UPDATE: Nailbiter asked David Slade on Twitter if there were any truth to this rumor and got the following response: "nope no truth at all". He may just be puling the wool over our eyes, but generally if there were any truth to a rumor like this the knowledgeable party would just say nothing, so I'd take that as a debunk for now.

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