Black Lightning Is the Best DC TV Series Airing Today

Black Lightning Is the Best DC TV Series Airing Today

Black Lightning Is the Best DC TV Series Airing Today

The best DC live action TV show airing today, is no doubt, Black Lightning. The show is what every DC series should aspire to surpass in every way.

For quite some time, DC TV shows have fallen behind while Marvel has taken the initiative. For years, DC shows were the pinnacle of superhero representation, but since Marvel came on the scene, many fans of the genre have realized that comic book shows, with quality writing, could rival any genre.
As it stands, then, Marvel shows are now the ones to beat in terms of quality, but DC could regain this crown if the company along with Warner Bros. decides to follow in the shoes of Black Lightning.

Black Lightning is the best DC show to-date

Yes, The Flash is still sitting at the top spot as the most popular DC series, but the constant cheesy episodes and teenage love stories involving adults are a bit too much to handle. There are times when The Flash feels like an episode of the Vampire Diaries than anything else.
It’s both disappointing and underwhelming at the same time, but thankfully, Black Lightning is not showing such signs.
Ever since the release of the first episode, I’ve found myself tuning into this show every week, and to be honest, every episode since has gotten better. The series is rolling up to its finale with the 13th episode, and you know what? It’s most likely going to be a treat to the senses.

The acting, yes, the acting

Unpopular opinion here, but the acting in Black Lightning surpasses that of every DC show on the air today. The weakest link is probably China Anne McClain who plays the role of Jennifer Pierce, but outside of that, the actors have done a wonderful job so far.
Cress Williams (Jefferson Peirce aka Black Lightning) and Nafessa Williams (Anissa Pierce aka Thunder) tend to work really well together, and when James Remar (Gambi) comes into play, everything just clicks.
It’s the type of performance Warner Bros. should aspire towards with every one of its DC shows, but due to the studio’s inconsistency, that’s unlikely. I mean, Krypton is a good example of this, and it leaves me to wonder if Titan will go down the same road.

A well-told story

The story of Black Lightning and the 100 Gang is decades old, but nevertheless, it translates well on the small screen. The impending battle between Tobias Whale (Marvin Jones III) and Black Lightning is a delightful tease and the fact that Peter Gambi was keeping a big secret and killing people just added to the overall excitement.
The big question is whether or not Warner Bros. is able to keep this momentum going into the second season and beyond. After all, we can’t deny that The Flash and Arrow were great in the early seasons, but went downhill after.

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