DEADPOOL 2 Actor Lewis Tan Teases An Appearance In An Upcoming DC Entertainment Project On Twitter

DEADPOOL 2 Actor Lewis Tan Teases An Appearance In An Upcoming DC Entertainment Project On Twitter

A recent post made by Into the Badlands actor Lewis Tan has lead to speculation that he could well be involved in an upcoming DC Extended Universe film or DC Universe streaming project. Check it out...

Lewis Tan is no stranger to comic book adaptations, having appeared in last year's Iron Fist as well as portraying Shatterstar in this summer's hugely successful Deadpool 2. The actor could well be preparing to appear in yet another comic book property, only this time from DC as a recent tweet shows Tan at DC Headquarters with the reveal that he had just come from a meeting. 

Tan's father, Philip Tan, is a Hollywood stunt coordinator who has worked on such films as; Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Inception and the Pirates of the Carribean films. He also starred as the sword-wielding Joker henchman that famously confronted Michael Keaton's Batman in an alleyway Tim Burton's 1989 film. 

Given the Into the Badlands actor's gymnastics and martial arts background, speculation has naturally turned to Tan appearing as Chris McKay's Nightwing, though considering the current state of that project and Tan's t "@DCUniverse" tag, it's far more likely that he met in regards to appearing on a show for the DC Universe streaming platform.

Recently announced and set for a late August launch, DC Universe is a dedicated streaming service from DC Entertainment that will see the release of both animated and live-action shows based on DC properties. Those currently revealed to be in development are Greg Berlanti's Titans,  the James Wan-produced Swamp Thing, and the Lois Lane / Lex Luthor X-Files show Metropolis along with the Young Justice: Outsiders and Harley Quinn animated shows.

What do you think? Which DC character do you think Tan would be a good fit for? Do you think he'll be coming to the small or silver screen? Leave your thoughts below.
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