5 Reasons Why DEADPOOL Was The Best Blockbuster Of 2016

5 Reasons Why DEADPOOL Was The Best Blockbuster Of 2016

“Wait till they get a load of me.” Now that 2017 has officially begun, it's time to look back and find out the 5 reasons why I think Deadpool was the best blockbuster of 2016. Come on!

Fox's adaptation of the Merc with a Mouth was as risky a choice for a movie as can be, but it was a risk that paid off with fans and critics.

Thanks to Tim Miller, Ryan Reynolds, and the brilliant marketing team at Fox, us fans finally got the Deadpool we've always wanted, instead of a Great Value version of Baraka from Mortal Kombat. Many favorite (and not so favorite) blockbusters were released in 2016, and now that 2017 has begun, it's a perfect time to look back on why Deadpool reigns supreme over all of them… 

What do you guys think the best blockbuster of 2016 was, and why? Let your thoughts be known in the comments section below.

5. It Has a Strong Moral Message

Behind all the "s**ts" and blood everywhere, Deadpool truly has a great message about love being deeper than what the eyes can see. It may sound corny, but it makes the film's story that much more meaningful than the other blockbusters this year that had nothing more to deliver than explosions and punches.

Also, it makes us as an audience identify with Wade Wilson (Deadpool). When he gets cosmetically damaged due to a mutation experiment to cure his cancer, we empathize with his goal to get rid of his sickness, and his embarrassment from his new looks. Further, when we see that he feels so unworthy from his looks that he hides from his fiancée (Vanessa), it creates a conflict with Wilson and adds depth to his character, which is something that was noticeably missing from 2016 blockbusters Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Besides that, there were tons of underlying themes like holding on to what truly matters, and being a hero (four or five moments).

4. Brilliant Comedy is Brilliant

One of (if not the most) renowned qualities of Deadpool is it's smart, fourth-wall breaking comedy. Well, it is a comedy after all, and Reynolds as the lovable Wade Wilson sales the hilarity like Jordan Belfort. 

The jokes were much more than just funny; they helped capture the essence of the Deadpool we know and love from the comics. There were smart pop culture jokes throughout the film that stood out. One standout recurring joke was music from the late great George Michael led duo Wham!, much like Star-Lord's Walkman in Guardians of the Galaxy.

With clever jokes about other X-Men films, such as Deadpool's previous appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (and a fourth wall break in a fourth wall break), we didn't just laugh at the jokes -- we thought about them.

3. It Was a Game-Changer For CBMS

First, Marvel's The Avengers changed the CBM game in 2012 by giving us the first franchise-crossing team-up film in not just CBM history, but film history period. Then, Deadpool changed the game in 2016 by being a wacky R rated comedy starring a popular superhero. 

I know Kick-Ass did a similar thing in 2010, but one; it wasn't about a popular superhero, and two; although it had outlandish concepts, it stayed in the confines of the grounded real world. After Deadpool became a critical and commercial success, people started to wonder if there was an R rated formula that could be mined in order to further the success of future CBMS. This mindset may be missing the point, but looking at Deadpool; is it hard to understand?

It is about money after all...

2. It Stayed Faithful to the Source Material

I know it can be easy to write off accuracy to the source material as being novelty fan-service and having nothing to do with the quality of a film itself. Look at 2016's Batman v Superman (literally look at it); we finally got a Batman that visually resembled Batman from the comics. 

However, this was ultimately a moot point that was overshadowed by a messy, nonsensical plot, and a murderous Batman. But don't write off comic accuracy just yet, as it does take skill in itself to faithfully adapt a character and make us care about that character, while having a good film. This is what Deadpool did, and not just with the Merc himself; but fan favorite X-Man Colossus. When we sawthe Burt Reynolds inspired first look Deadpool in all his red and black glory, we were giddy as Fox (finally) granted our wishes for them to put a character in a faithful costume.
With that being said, we were left asking the most important question: will the film be good? The answer was "yes." 

1. Genius Marketing Strategy

When I said that Deadpool was a game-changer as a film, I didn't mention the icing on the cake that cemented that title: its brilliantly hilarious marketing campaign. From the trailers that stuck DMX in our heads for months, to the clever posters; it's easy to see why Deadpool was such a huge success; earning nearly $800 million worldwide as a film that was rated R and banned from China. 

This type of pun heavy marketing campaign was done by Ant-Man in 2015, with posters featuring witty taglines, and ant-sized billboards. However, Deadpool took this twelve steps forward and made cracks at the release date and the title of the film itself. For example, there was a romantic drama styled Valentine's Day poster that made the film look like an actual romantic drama. I'm sure many guys took advantage of this to get their girlfriends to see the film; and judging from the box office results -- it worked!

Deadpool showed us that trusting your content (and a solid marketing campaign) will sell itself and result in success, no matter what.

Well, that's it I guess. If you agree or disagree, share what you think was truly the best blockbuster of 2016 in the comments section below. Have a good day!

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