Batman vs. Deadpool

Batman vs. Deadpool

So with alot of discussion on DC vs Marvel characters I have yet to see Batman vs. Deadpool. These are two of my favourite 'Heros'.

My opinion is Deadpool would win, but here's why.

Deadpool much like Wolverine has healing factor, which on many occasions saves him from being shot in his face, head removal etc. He also posesses the ability to teleport, and has a large variety of swords/knives/fire arms/explosives as well as martial arts knowledge.

Batman is a human, his superpower is wealth. Batman knows just about all fighting techniques known on the planet, is extremely smart, and in top (human) physical condition. Batman also has a large ammount of gadgets like a grappling hook, batarangs, and explosives. Batman generally has 'non-lethal' gadgetry for the most part.

Here's what I think though, it would be an amazing fight. Deadpool is kinda psycho alike most of Batman's enemies, so there would be chemistry, GOOD chemistry. Batman's no pussy either so he would put up a fight in general and use his gadgets to prolong his eventual defeat and would make for some pretty awesome action. DID I FORGET!? Batman's suit can protect him from multiple dangers and would make it even more fair of a fight. Why no one has really thought about this is strange.

There is a majour issue with this though, how the balls would this plot come about? This is also something that should be discussed. Thanks for reading and commenting.
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