COMICS: Deadpool Co-Creator Fabian Nicieza Discusses Character's Sexuality

COMICS: Deadpool Co-Creator Fabian Nicieza Discusses Character's Sexuality

In recent years, current Deadpool writer Gerry Duggan took to Twitter and confirmed Deadpool is, in fact, omnisexual. This led to the creation of an essay outlining examples of Deadpool's sexuality throughout the years, and upon being asked about it recently, Nicieza has tried to clarify the the character's sexual preference, and boy, did it get messy. Click the jump to check it out!

Deadpool: one of the most controversial characters in all of comicdom. From his humour to his constant breaking of the fourth wall, there always seems to be a rather obvious divide in fans when it comes to who likes what. But one of the aspects of the character that had been hinted at but never really addressed in the comics was his sexuality, and a few years ago, current Deadpool writer Gerry Duggan took to twitter and confirmed that Deadpool is, in fact, omnisexual. This spawned the creation of a fan essay, which you can read here, and that very essay was brought to Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza's attention in the tweet below:

This earned a reply from Nicieza himself, who claimed that "anyone who writes such an extended column trying to "prove" deadpool's sexuality does not understand deadpool's sexuality".

Unfortunately, this led to some negative reactions, and the whole situation turned a bit messy, with Nicieza claiming that fans do not understand his character, and having the words he says be interpreted by others as rude and ignorant. You can check out the whole tweet thread below:

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Upon someone pointing out that it is likely that queer fans would find it insulting that Deadpool's sexuality is linked to his mental disorder, Nicieza had this to say: 
"I understand your fight, but you're choosing the wrong character to fight for and the wrong writer to fight with. I have spent 30 years in this business writing diverse characters and hiring diverse creators. Character has been around since 1992. He is who he has ALWAYS been and this is it. understand it and hopefully accept it or pick a better character to rally behind. I'll be fighting with you."
His final contribution to the argument was "Would rather let people vent. I deserve it for improperly stating things and more importantly trying to have debate about complicated character and comic book pseudo-science on twitter which thrives on simplicity".

What do you guys think on the matter? Are Nicieza's comments insensitive, or is this all clearly misinterpretation by those involved? And what are your thoughts on Nicieza's explanation on Deadpool's sexuality? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to share and hit that thumbs up.
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