Could Fox Lose DEADPOOL Movie Rights To Marvel in a Few Years?

Could Fox Lose DEADPOOL Movie Rights To Marvel in a Few Years?

Comic book movie fans already know X-Force and Deadpool movies could be on deck for Fox, but is there a chance the studio could lose the Merc With a Mouth's film rights to Marvel Studios?

Everyone should have already heard that 20th Century Fox is moving forward to (hopefully and successfully) expand their X-Men Marvel movie universe franchise. An X-Force and Magneto films are reportedly in development and a Deadpool movie has already shot test footage and has an R-rated script ready for a green light.

When the X-Force development news broke, it was hinted that both Cable and Deadpool could be on the new X-team. All these details are still sketchy and further information and clarity should be presented about all of this at Fox's SDCC panel later this week.

However, the website HitFix had a "round table" discussion about the potential of Deadpool being a part of the X-Force team and HitHix movie beat writer Gregory Ellwood said something that has really never been heard before until he said it.

"Word is the studio could lose the rights to the popular Marvel character in a few years if they don't use him [Deadpool]."

You know the moment you read something and you just stop reading and re-read a sentence over and over again? This was one of those moments since this is the first time this CBM reporter has ever heard of Fox possibly losing the movie rights of Deadpool. Of cource the rights would revert back to Disney and Marvel Studios since this is how all of Marvel's old movie rights deals were set up with other studios.

Nothing further was said by Ellwood or the other HitFix movie team regarding Deadpool's movie rights so you can bet questions about Deadpool's movie rights might be a hot topic of discussion to those at Fox and others at this week's Comic-Con. It can be assumed Ellwood might have insider info regarding the popular anti-hero or it was said by mistake. Either way it was still said and published to discuss further.

But what are your thoughts about this tiny bit of info about Deadpool's movie rights? Being that it's the first this has been heard (at least by this writer) it kind of makes sense why Deadpool is such a hot topic of movie development discussion and debate since Fox may not want to lose his movie rights, if any of this is even true. Not to mention the fact the Merc With a Mouth's popularity is bigger than it has ever been before.

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