Deadpool Solo or X-Force Movie?

Deadpool Solo or X-Force Movie?

Fox is trying to make a Deadpool movie for a long time now and still not able to do it properly. Do you think he is a solo movie material or a team movie would work?

Last time we saw Deadpool on screen it was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine where he was horribly done. Fox has been trying to do a Deadpool movie for a long time now but it seems they are just not able to do him right. Obviously for a fourth wall breaking character its too hard to do him right on the screen, especially when moviegoers are non-comic book movie general audience and what if they fail to understand whats going on. Then he knows he is in a comic book so in the movie he'll know that he is a movie character its again hard to pull off unless Marvel Studios is involved.

On the other hand a X-Force movie can really work. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine can sell any movie on his own, although I feel Tom Hardy can be a better Wolverine in future if Jackman gives up. After Avengers people are eying for team movies and most of the best Wade Wilson parts in X-Men origins were in the part where he was a part of Devil's brigade/Team-X.

What I feel is that with Days of the Future Past Fox will introduce Cable as per the rumors, it is easy to bring characters like Domino and Wolfbane in the team without much efforts (I am talking about classic X-Force) Archangel can be introduced in the film itself (Only if Ben Foster is not doing the role again) and few other characters and cameos would make this movie work for sure. Throw in Deadpool in between and we get one hell of a team movie.

What do you think? if given a choice what would you go with? Deadpool solo movie or R Rated X-force movie?
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