DAREDEVIL's Drew Goddard Is Working On The DEADPOOL 2 Screenplay With Ryan Reynolds

DAREDEVIL's Drew Goddard Is Working On The DEADPOOL 2 Screenplay With Ryan Reynolds

The situation with the Deadpool sequel has taken another interesting turn today as it's been revealed that Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are seemingly out, while Drew Goddard (The Martian) is in...

Deadpool was a critical and commercial success last year, so why is it taking so long to make the sequel a reality? It has no release date, and while it recently gained a director in the form of David Leitch (John Wick) following the departure of Tim Miller, we also haven't heard anything about the casting of Cable and Domino. 

Now, Collider may have provided some insight into the delay and it appears to boil down to the screenplay. While Deadpool scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have been hard at work on the sequel, they're no longer working on the movie. Instead, Drew Goddard (Cloverfield, Daredevil) has been brought in and is now working on the script alongside Ryan Reynolds.

Is this good news or bad news? While there's no denying that Goddard is extremely talented, has Reynolds gotten rid of Reese and Wernick as he reportedly did with Miller after they disagreed on the creative direction of the highly anticipated follow-up?

We simply don't know at this stage, but this is definitely an interesting development for Deadpool 2. How far along Goddard and Reynolds are isn't clear, nor is why Reese and Wernick were seemingly replaced. With any luck, it will be completed soon so we finally get to hear something official about the release date and those all-important casting decisions. 
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