DEADPOOL 2 Concept Art, BTS Shots, & Stills Focus On Cable's Time-Travel Device, X-Force, And More - SPOILERS

DEADPOOL 2 Concept Art, BTS Shots, & Stills Focus On Cable's Time-Travel Device, X-Force, And More - SPOILERS

DEADPOOL 2 Concept Art, BTS Shots, & Stills Focus On Cable's Time-Travel Device, X-Force, And More - <font color=red>SPOILERS</font>

Yet another batch of behind the scenes images and stills from Deadpool 2 have been released but joining them is some awesome concept art focusing on Cable, his time-travel device, and much more besides.

Because Marvel Entertainment chooses not to produce much in the way of merchandise for Fox produced Marvel movies, we won't get the opportunity to delve into a book featuring concept art from Deadpool 2. Thankfully, a new batch of that has now been revealed alongside some more before and after VFX images revolving around X-Force, Cable, Domino, the Merc with the Mouth, and more.

Everything from Cable's time-travelling device to
Firefist's powers and Deadpool's baby legs are given the spotlight here and we're confident you'll want to take a look at all of these brand new images. 

To do so, all you need to do is click on the "View List" button below to check them out on the one page. Once you've done that, be sure to let us know what you think of them in the comments section.

Here, we see some Cable concept art compared to camera tests of Josh Brolin wearing a mixture of prosthetics and VFX. Looking at this, it's easy to see where those Brad Pitt rumours came from.

Deadpool 2 didn't really delve into the inner workings of Cable's time travel device but these shots show what it looked like in action and it's actually far more intricate than you may have realised. 

This very cool concept art of Firefist shows a variety of ways his powers could be unleashed and the impact those would have subsequently had on both Cable (well, his car door) and the Merc.

I'm not sure why Ryan Reynolds' identity has been concealed here but it's still very cool to see the thought process which went into giving Wade Wilson baby legs that would clearly grow up! 


Deadpool 2 clearly used even more blue screen than we realised because the entire environment surrounding the Merc with the Mouth was added later. The first movie used more practical settings.


Who would have thought that the Merc with the Mouth's baby legs would have been created by Ryan Reynolds walking around on his knees in a mo-cap costume? The things actors do for art, eh?

Here, we see the X-Jet arrive on the scene and while Deadpool 2 is set within the X-Men Universe, it still feels strange getting to see this outside of the main franchise given how standalone they are.


It's no great surprise that this was done with the use of blue screen but credit where it's due; it looked pretty damn real in the movie! As you can see, that Shatterstar and Peter making the leap.


How clever is this? I'm not sure Peter emerged as the breakout character the filmmakers imagined but he was a lot of fun to follow and will no doubt pop up in X-Force somewhere down the line.

Well, that's a pretty unique view of the Merc with the Mouth! Ryan Reynolds didn't shy away from showing his butt off in this sequel and it became something of a weird running joke as a result.


Domino stole the show in Deadpool 2 and if anyone deserves a spinoff, it's her (not Cable). In this shot, we see that the car hovering overhead was added in post, something which is no great surprise.

Deadpool made a crack about that guy really being on fire and it appears as if that was the case. However, seeing as this still was released by a VFX company, perhaps that wasn't really the case.

X-Men Assemble! Deadpool trainee uniform looks ridiculous but he's flanked by Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, two bona fide members of the team who don't take kindly to his actions.




Firefist is a relatively obscure character from the comic books but a lot of work was clearly put into getting the portrayal of his powers right as we can see in these awesome before and after photos.

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