DEADPOOL 2 Director David Leitch Reveals Why Sophie Turner's Jean Grey Did Not Appear

DEADPOOL 2 Director David Leitch Reveals Why Sophie Turner's Jean Grey Did Not Appear

DEADPOOL 2's X-Men cameo floored audiences, but left some wondering - Where was Jean Grey? Director David Leitch spoke on the subject, as well as some insight into how the scene came to be.

2018 has been a hell of a year for superhero movies, and Deadpool 2 is no exception. Though it ultimately grossed less domestically that its predecessor, the film was received well by both critics and audiences. Among its biggest laughs was the gag involving the X-Men, one that saw the likes of James McAvoy and Evan Peters reprising their roles for the unforgettable cameo.

Thankfully, Deadpool 2 has now hit home media, and with that, press rounds have been held with the cast and crew of the project. Speaking with Den of Geek, director David Leitch spilled on one of Deadpool 2's most surprising moments. When specifically asked why Sophie Turner's Jean Grey was not a part of it, he had this to say:

It might have been one of those things where we're up against it, and it's like, who's available that day by the time we had to get the shot and get it down to us... we're grateful to have anyone we could get at that point.

Furthermore, Leitch elaborated on the making on the scene and the craftmanship that it involved.

So, the set supervisor, Dan Glass, who did the Matrix films, he came up with this idea of doing a composite, and getting the plates to match. So we shot our side here, and we sent the measurements and the camera positions and things up to Simon's team on Dark Phoenix, and they shot the plate for that there. Then we put the two together. So actually it turned out to be easier than we thought. If we would have had to get all those people in the room it probably wouldn't have happened.

One can assume Turner spends the majority of Dark Phoenix on her own, which led to her not being involved in filming at the X-Mansion that day. The title refers to her after all. We'll have to wait until February to see if Kinberg did the arc justice.
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