DEADPOOL 2: See The Deleted Scene That Was Deemed Too Controversial For The Theatrical Cut

DEADPOOL 2: See The Deleted Scene That Was Deemed Too <font color=red>Controversial</font> For The Theatrical Cut

Another deleted scene from the Super Duper Cut of Deadpool 2 is now online, and this time we get to see the sequence that was deemed too shocking even for the R-rated theatrical version of the sequel...

Yes, it's that scene.

Soon after Deadpool 2 hit theatres, we heard about a sequence that wound up on the cutting room floor involving The Merc With a Mouth using Cable's time-travel device to go back and kill baby Hitler, and now you can check it out for yourselves below.

Truth be told, it really isn't that shocking, although it's not hard to see why it was left out of the theatrical cut of the film. Plus, there's a brief add-on to the scene which shows that Wade didn't actually end up committing infanticide, instead coming to the realisation that the little tyke needed his diaper changed.

He does hilariously imply that he's going to get Cable to do the deed instead, however.

Check out the scene in two parts below and let us know what you think. Do you see why it was cut, or so you not get what the big deal was?

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