Does The DEADPOOL 2 Trailer Offer Up A First Look At X-FORCE? If So, Which Mutants Are Part Of The Team?

Does The DEADPOOL 2 Trailer Offer Up A First Look At X-FORCE? If So, Which Mutants Are Part Of The Team?

Despite the Disney/Fox deal, work continues on Deadpool spinoff X-Force but did the trailer for the sequel offer up a first look at the team? If so, which mutants have assembled alongside Wade Wilson?

Yesterday saw the arrival of our first proper look at Deadpool 2 and the trailer left us with an awful lot to talk about. However, the biggest moment came in a shot featuring Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson walking out of a helicopter with a very interesting group of mutants by his side. Since then, speculation has gone into overdrive about who those characters are and what name this team will have.

Are we looking at the first iteration of X-Force or could this be the group known as the Six Pack/Wild Pack? It appears as if we'll have to wait and see on that front but this teaser does provide some clues. 

Here, we take a look at each of the mutants assembled alongside the Merc with the Mouth in this sneak peek and you may be surprised by who's lining up alongside Wade in the highly anticipated sequel. If this is our first look at X-Force, it's fair to say that team will look much different to what we expected but that's no bad thing. So, click either one of the buttons below to see the full list. 


It's very hard making out who the character on the left is but given the rather unique looking apparatus he's wearing on his mouth, it would make sense for this to be Zeitgeist, a rather obscure member of X-Force from the comics. He was killed off in short order but has the power to secrete corrosive acid from his mouth/throat. It is said to be able to eat through anything which makes him useful.

G.W. Bridge

Bridge's full name is George Washington Bridge and he was a close ally of Cable's in Six Pack. He's been both a friend and foe to Deadpool over the years but has a lot of history with both Silver Sable and The Punisher too. It's also possible that Terry Crews could be playing Hammer, another member of the team but Bridge seems far more likely and would be an interesting addition to the sequel.


Well, this is unexpected! A typical 90s creation, Shatterstar is a refugee from Mojoworld who came to Earth and ended up becoming part of Cable's New Mutants team. A militant individual, with a passion for war, his appearance would give the Merc with the Mouth ample opportunities to poke fun at him and the fact he can teleport and create shockwaves would definitely be a lot of fun to see on screen.


Given Domino's history with Cable, her being one of his allies in this movie makes perfect sense and it's entirely possible that she's the leader of this team (despite Deadpool being front and centre). We don't know what sort of relationship she'll have with Wade but considering the fact that Vanessa Carlysle is definitely returning for the sequel, it's not going to end up being a romantic one anyway.
So, a pretty obscure bunch in some ways but they're all characters who have a history with Deadpool and Cable and that should be interesting to see play out on the big screen this May. Do you think we've got their identities right or do you have some theories of your own?

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